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Nicholas Mercer
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Dennis Simms was at the front of the line when it came to helping people on 9-11. He was a crash firefighter at the Gander International Airport at the time, as well as a councillor in his hometown of Appleton. The events that unfolded over the next few days had such a profound influence on Mr. Simms that he decided he wanted to do something for the 10th anniversary. Mr. Simms stuck to what he knew best – music.

MUSIC HEALS – Dennis Simms wrote a song to commemorate the events that took place on 9-11. He will be playing it as a part of the ecumenical service in Appleton Sunday.

Beyond Words


There’s a place, in our minds, that locks away the unspeakable

In this place, kept safe from harm, it makes us feel we’re invincible.

It locks away the hurt and pain

Revenge and hate are held at bay

And it’s beyond word…..beyond words.


But there’s a place, in the heart, that holds the hurt and the grieving

And in this place, safe and warm, is where the spirit does it’s healing.

How helping hands reach out with care

And friendly faces everywhere.

And it’s beyond words…. Beyond words



“The whole premise of the song is that we put away all of the bad things that happen to us in our lives so that it can’t hurt us again, but you have to move on.” - Dennis Simms

It’s beyond words how this world keeps on turning

Beyond words how a hero falls

Beyond words how their courage towers above us

No words can say….. It’s beyond words.

Inst bridge:


It’s beyond words how this world keeps turning

Beyond words how a hero falls.

Beyond words how their courage towers above us

No words can say, no way to say, It’s beyond words.



Dennis Simms

May 2011

Geographic location: Appleton, Gander, Labrador

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Recent comments

  • Bill Abbott
    May 04, 2012 - 09:52

    Hi I was in that band that Dennis fronted in Labrador and had the pleasure of getting together again at Labrador City CHY in 2002 for a reunion. Dennis was and is a very good singer - we used to work him overly hard in insisting in doing songs in "original" keys A fact we can laugh about now. Also I am sure he is very proud of his grand daughter who is an excellent singer - I heard her perform on Utube. Would love to hear that song about NL & 911 event. Regards Bill Abbott