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Terri Saunders
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When you're in Brian Mosher's presence, one thought constantly crosses your mind - where does he get his energy? Years ago, the Gander Collegiate teacher might have told you it was downing more cups of coffee in a day than most drink in a two-week period. He's given up on the joe, having replaced his daily fix with a couple of cups of tea. But it hasn't calmed him down at all. His enthusiasm for his job, and in particular, a media broadcasting program he developed himself and implemented at the school several years ago, is obvious from the first moment you start talking to him. He's been teaching high school for 30 years, and is eligible for retirement this year. It would be hard to imagine Gander Collegiate, and the media program, without him. Maybe he'll decide to stick around a little bit longer. The Beacon recently sat down with Mr. Mosher to find out.

IN RECOVERY — Gander Collegiate teacher Brian Mosher used to be a coffee junkie, as is evidenced by the size of the thermos he once used to keep his java hot all day long. These days, the veteran educator is more likely to be found enjoying a cup of tea.

How have students, and other teachers and members of the community, reacted to this unique program being offered at Gander Collegiate?

It's been around so long now, it's like it's become part of the building. When people from the outside come in, everyone kind of brings up solid in the doorway, and they start looking around. You're walking into what you think is more of a traditional classroom, but when you get in through the doors, it's not traditional. This is a working TV studio. We have four digital editors, an analog editor, a closed-circuit TV system that extends throughout the building, and we have broadcast capabilities.

You seem to really love what you do. I hear you are actually eligible to retire at the end of this school year. What are your plans?

Well, I can officially say I'm not going to be retiring at the end of this year. I really love teaching, especially this program. And I love hanging out with the kids - they have so much enthusiasm, it's inspiring. I really can't imagine not coming into this classroom every weekday during the school year. It's a great room to be in.

“I really can’t imagine not coming into this classroom every weekday during the school year.” Brian Mosher

So, you really used to have a thing for coffee, but you say you haven't had one in ages. You've switched to tea. What happened there?

I used to drink several dozens mugs of coffee a day. I used to think it was what made me so hyper. Now, I have a couple of cups of tea each day, so that's kind of cool. Turns out it wasn't the coffee making me hyper, because I still am. Can't blame it on the coffee anymore.

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Recent comments

  • Eric Hillier
    June 18, 2012 - 18:26

    Hi Brian, How nice to read about you and your work. Your energy comes from a good source and it's not coffee. As you know, I've known your parents and your very enegetic mother for a long time. Keep doing what you enjoy, it's good for the body and soul. Retirement is good but you have to be ready for it. All the best, Eric H.