Health Canada says no worries

Stephanie Stein
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Farmers in Central Newfoundland who were open to having their land tested for radiation contamination, will not have this work done by government agencies and private companies in Newfoundland and Labrador.

In the June 2 edition of, The Beacon, it was discussed how the release of radiation from the Fukushima plant in Japan could potentially be poisoning Canadian soil, and possibly central Newfoundland. Evidence from various radiation monitors and news reports have shown that it has become a worldwide issue, and given that the airspace is shared, Canada and the U.S. have been directly affected as well.

Even though local farmers have not tested their soil and water, Nita Abbott of LA Farms, near Gambo, expressed an interest in having her land tested to ensure they’re selling a safe product. The newspaper contacted private testing companies, government agencies, and universities to inquire if they would consider testing local farms. All of them said they were not interested in getting involved at any level. Health Canada also reported that everything is normal.

Even though no official testing has been done in central Newfoundland, Ms. Abbott speculated, “I guess they feel they don’t have evidence  to take it further.”

Worldwide concern

Even though central Newfoundland is considered safe, reports by numerous media establishments have shown that radiation saturation has doubled recently. According to a CNN report, Arnie Gundersen, Chief Nuclear Engineer, said hot particles are showing up in North America. The radiation, he explained, emits a big cloud of gases, which can be measured with the Geiger counter. Nuclear engineers have also been finding hot particles or fuel fleas, which can cause cancer around the world. In Tokyo in April, measurements indicated that there are about 10 hot particles a day, which is a high level of concern in what a normal person would breathe. In Seattle, for instance, it went down to about five hot particles a day, which can lodge into lung tissue, the digestive tract or bone, and over time can cause cancer. As a safeguard, it has been strongly advised by Mr. Gundersen to wash all fruits and vegetables before consuming them.

“I guess they feel they don’t have evidence to take it further.” Nita Abbott

According to the Fairewinds website, environmental scientist and engineer, Marco Kaltofen, is following where the radiation stream is travelling. His research focus is nuclear fallout and tracking over long distances, in particular Nanoscale particles, which contain highly radioactive materials immeasurable by a Geiger counter.

Mr. Kaltofen reported there is short-term radiation exposure such as x-rays, and long-term radiation exposure, where particles from a nuclear plant or cigarettes can carry a significant amount of radiation that never really goes away. He said, wherever it lands in the body, it begins to damage the tissue or kill cells.

Media reports south of the border suggest that Japan was downplaying the severity long after people were being affected. To this, Health Canada is insisting there is no cause for concern.


Organizations: Health Canada, CNN, Fairewinds

Geographic location: Newfoundland, Japan, Canada U.S. LA Farms Gambo North America Tokyo Seattle

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Recent comments

  • Eric Lilius
    June 23, 2011 - 21:55

    The Norwegians are tracking various isotopes. Here's a graphic of Iodine 133 plume from Fukushima going across North America. Sampling was done on March 25

  • JP
    June 22, 2011 - 17:51

    Go back to sleep people, your government is in control. Go back to sleep...

  • Robin
    June 22, 2011 - 17:32

    have you heard about the plant in nebraska thats getting flooded by the missouri river, they are already having problems with their reactors and there was a fire in there last week...and the levels will keep on rising

  • Steve
    June 22, 2011 - 11:18

    So when a Chilean or Icelandic volcano erupts, the ash immediately spreads so far and wide that air travel thousands of miles away is banned by various Governments. Yet the lethal emissions from Fukushima, according to those same Governments, just disappear for, reason at all (much like BPs oil just "disappeared" into the Gulf), and the issue gets shelved. Even Soviet coverage of, and response to, Chernobyl was better than this.

  • Mark Brander
    June 22, 2011 - 10:15

    Health Canada will do what they are told by Steven Harper, Steven Harper does what he is told by the elite who put him into power. It is no secret that Harper attended a Bilderberg meeting two years before being elected. The Bilderbergs are given their orders by the The Queen and David de Rothschild. See background to these revelations at

  • CameFromAway-But-Left
    June 22, 2011 - 10:01

    Deteriorating situation at Fukushima means that EVACUATION of the west coast of North America is necessary right now to save lives -- and those of young children and babies in the womb are especially at immediate risk. Public health policies in the U.S. and Canada have been a joke for 50 years, and the same incompetence is paralyzing government and media responses today. But Fukushima is a new ballgame. It's not like the poisonous long-term effects of pharmaceutical drugs, soy, food additives like aspertame, flouridated water, and vaccines. This will pack out the hospitals, and people will be left to die in excruciating pain at home.

  • Mike
    June 22, 2011 - 09:54

    Just think about it, If our government were to tell everyone that they are inhaling 5 to 10 lethal hot particles per day, no one would leave their homes! I certainly would not send my children to school. Would you go to work if you had to walk outside and risk dying? Its better for our economy if we just continue on as normal. Once we start dying they will tell us its something else.

  • Brian on the Prairies
    June 22, 2011 - 09:30

    I too am deeply disturbed by the inaction of the Government of Canada in releasing any radiation data for fallout in Canada... But what is not being told is the fact that right now people all over western Canada and especially the west coast are being subjected to deadly Cancer causing Strontium 90, Cesium 137, Iodine 131, Plutonium 239/240 particles.... But it is better for people in Canada to focus on Hockey instead... "Nothing to see here.... Move along! Move along!"... So says the government and the media to the sheep as the sheep progress towards the cemetary....

  • cloudy
    June 22, 2011 - 08:56

    The road to Reality is paved with many viewpoints and perhaps one answer but every journey begins with a single step. Without empowerment, knowledge is mostly meaningless. Without its realisation, knowledge is merely an accumulation whereas the empowerment of that knowledge is the flow which offers the accumulation reality. The flow of Truth is Love and the flow of Love is Joy, to be joyful without ownership issues being the goal of Humanity. Having said all that, what is really being said? Others’ misbehaviours, be it outright or ostriching, is about others and not us. When we react to others, we are offering to share their problems/grossness, oka relativity, without there being any benevolence on the table. The way reality asserts itself is not through grossness, the favourite pastime of the stupid and the dumb, stupidity being dumbness expressed and dumbness being stupidity suppressed. Reality is one’s experience whereas others’ rea;ity is merely one’s knowledge. The duty of every human is to be[come] one and that is attained through immunity, firstly at the emotional followed by the intellectual/”mental” and finally at the physcial level. Immunity, oka Morality [which is not moralising nor being moralistic], is that which is of permanency within all real humans, there being those who are not human other than looking so [but they are not “lizards”, “aliens” or whatever the imagination accepts as possibilities]. To transcend from being relative/transient onto being real/permanent is the duty of every human, most being partial humans oka partial animal, real animals being those who do not think and when it comes to humanly thoughts, we can only think about the past or the future, the present being denied to our thoughts or else we wouldn’t be able to breathe, digest, see, control heartbeats and other autonomic functions. Our thoughts are merely stepping stones and not the be-all, end-all. When we see others’ unreal behaviour, to react is to be taught whereas to witness is to learn. To learn from others’ errors is to become immune to all the nonsense taken as sense by the vast majority who have yet to realised their-reality/Reality. When one attains Immunity/Morality, one is then at the shores of Reality. The MO of Humanity is to turn everything into a religion and religion is the knowledge which lacks empowerment, the biggest religious joke being to reduce Divinity into a religiosity, with the present topic being the religiosity of “Fukushima”. Errors are for learning and not so much for correcting because to correct without a solution is what, “Better the devil you know than the saint whom you do not”, is advising. “But we cannot not do anything - what are you, some kind of unfeeling nut?”, so goes the great Rights Zist und Zat. Without the aftermath devastation of “Fukushima”, people will not learn, they will always react like a “Blind Cockroach”, feverishly working at solutions, the favourite pastime of the blind-cum-blinded, but ending up with yet more destruction - for all. The solution to a problem lies in its roots and not its consequences. Will knowing that the earth is radioactively contaminated end “Nucelar Power”? That is problem with humanity - we have yet to realised that we are the problem per se, something which all non-thinkers know only too well - not that human ostriches realise so other than to be forever partying to their own selfish tunes and hypocritically playing the “Rights” and other Cruel-cum-Cunning cards as and when. Be aware and be very careful for if there are entities who are not human other than looking so, what are the blind-cum-blinded doing? Being indifferent or being detached. Humanity is mostly religious because our reality/concept is founded upon Ownership Issues, Ownership Issues being the reality behind religiosity/religion, to own being the sign of having been owned or as Grandma advised, “Charity Begins At Home” - There is nothing constructive or destructive that one could do to another without having done the same to oneself first. Without one single exception, that is how deluded we are.

    • Dennis Riches
      July 22, 2011 - 20:31

      1 sievert = 1000 millisieverts, 1000 microsieverts = 1 millisievert Gamma radiation in my backyard in Chiba, Japan (200km south of Fukushima), after the Fukushima disaster is 0.18 microsieverts per hour. 0.18 x 24 x 365 = annual dose of 1576.8 microsieverts, or 1.5768 millisieverts. Before the accident, normal background radiation was 0.04 microsieverts. Normal background radiation in Vancouver is an annual dose of 1.19 millisieverts. In Penticton, BC, it is 4.98 millisieverts ( I hate to disappoint some of the people who have posted here, but if levels at my home in Japan are so low, then probably they are also low in Newfoundland. Health Canada is probably right. If people in Newfoundland want to worry, please worry for the people of Northern Japan who are getting no help from their government or the World Health Organization in leaving lands that are truly highly contaminated.

  • arthur pullman
    June 22, 2011 - 02:55

    Has any government told the truth about almost anything? Check there record. Enough said...........

  • Not far from coast
    June 22, 2011 - 02:30

    People need to ask questions. Things aren't going to change if you sit there and do and say nothing. Your message or concerns will never be heard and thus ignored if you say nothing. The shit world you see falling around you can only exist so long as you say nothing at all......

  • Todd Whiting
    June 22, 2011 - 01:48

    We have 6 Nuclear power reactors out of control, 3 which Japan has already admitted to having melted down, one of which is currently breaching the containment, and NO TESTS FOR RADIATION CONTAMINATION. The lack of testing for public safety is absolutely criminal. So, just who made the decision that there is nothing to be concerned about? The authorities treat the public as if we are a bunch of 6 year old children. When Russia had 1 meltdown, it contaminated the entire northern hemisphere, but 6 in Japan are no threat...... When will the lies and deceptions end, and education begin? DO NOT RELY on the AUTHORITIES to keep you safe from this, they are bought and paid for by energy companies!

  • Bammbammba
    June 22, 2011 - 01:20

    We are detecting radiation in food from Asia in New Zealand!!!! People getting off the plane from Japan are testing 'warm' for radiation. It's a huge conspiracy. If we are detecting it here - then Canada and the USA is catching a heap of it. PS: Don't eat Tuna - its hot.

  • Howard T. Lewis III
    June 22, 2011 - 00:31

    The total lack of concern manifested by most people for this radiation and premature deaths of neonates indicates to me that these people are dead already. Where I live has monitored 800 to over 2400% of the previously established levels of safety for dairy products. Most people that I tell, people I know, act like I recited a top ramen recipe off the package. There are ways to dodge the radiation.

  • Bill
    June 21, 2011 - 23:48

    Its all about population control. How else are they supposed to reduce the population by 4 billion? Breath deeply and it will all go away.

  • bobbutler
    June 21, 2011 - 23:19

    Good to see this article posted on Rense Dot Com... The #1 Source For Info on This Nuclear Threat!

  • j prince
    June 21, 2011 - 23:01

    Look up Daily Pacific Northwest Radiation Report on the web. This is the greatest coverup since 911 by the Government of Japan, USA and Canada. It appears to be a planned soft kill of the population and sterilization. Canada like the USA is a direct jet stream shot from Fukushima.

  • Byron
    June 21, 2011 - 22:42

    It's a truly sad day when those agencies mandated with protecting people and the environment conspire to hush up an ongoing tragedy rather than tell the truth. But then they have a lot of experience, ala, GMO foods, nanotech ingredients in food, corporate pollution, routine nuclear power plant releases of radiation into the environment etc. Everything points to the fact corporate and governmental BigWigs think that we the people are expendable.

  • Steve
    June 21, 2011 - 22:14

    If people knew they were irradiated not only from Fukushima but also from the Darlington nuclear plant near Bowmanville, Ontario and also from the Pickering nuclear plant near Scarborough, then they might just demand that these slow motion nuclear bombs be decommissioned. Well Canadians, that's what you get in a dictatorship. Keep listening to your Zionist media, soon Harper will kill even more of your sons and daughters in far away wars for |Israel.

  • Lancifer
    June 21, 2011 - 21:44

    Several gardeners on the Sunshine coast are waiting for their soil sample analysis to come back...from the UK and Germany!

    • concerned mommy
      June 23, 2011 - 16:11

      Hawaii is using Boron to keep the radiation out of their cows, and baking soda binds with uranium, making it inert. A cow has a gland that concentrates I-131 10X, and radiation apparently can be filtered out of milk. The only dairy my family eats now is cheese, medium cheese ages for 5 months, old cheese ages for 10 months. Until I know definitively that there is no radiation in our milk I will not buy any. Also, the radiation is in the grass and Cows eat grass. Hence, no beef for us, but Australian beef was a nice treat. I've spent literally thousands of hours researching how to keep radiation out of our bodies, how to remove it if it does get in and where it comes from (besides the rain and the air) It's been a frightning revalation that a lot of times we dont know where the food comes from. Many things now dont specify where they were grow but where they were processed or who packaged them. Organic can be grown in areas heavily polluted by cars, can be watered with "radioactive" water, as well as waste water (and I'm talking about black water, not grey water). No wonder we have e-coli outbreaks. Organic is a scam. it only means not GMO and not sprayed. It doesnt mean clean. There is no info for Canadians about when foods were processed/packaged, So trying to eat radiation free foods is becoming more & more of a crap shoot. And no help from the government, who is supposed to be representing us!

  • Father Guido Sarduci
    June 21, 2011 - 21:26

    There is nothing to do about this. No human being can do anything about this. This catastrophe will poison the entire world for thousands, if not millions of years with radioactive junk. There is nowhere to hide on this planet from this deadly radioactivity. It is truly a "mass extinction" event. The reactors at Fukushima are beyond "melt down". Human Beings will soon succumb to the poisons spewing from our own creations. See you all in the next world... whatever that is.

  • victimofchanges
    June 21, 2011 - 18:22

    Canada has a patent on a nuclear reactor design and is home of the world's second largest nuclear power plant (Bruce Nuclear Generating Station). To say that we risk major financial upset from this whole Japan nuclear fiasco isn't an overstatement...Many should be reprimanded if the actual situation happens to be more serious than what Health Canada's laid-back demeanor in regards to this internation incident seems to purvey.

    • meredith
      June 22, 2011 - 15:58

      as far as I know, Canada is also one of the largest exporters of uranium which fuels these reactors worldwide so I'm guessing that may be another good reason to turn a blind eye to the possible health effects caused by Fukushima

    • Crystal
      June 22, 2011 - 16:47

      at least there are no power generating nuclear reactors in British Columbia to worry about fallout from when the next major West Coast earthquake occurs...

    • concerned mommy
      June 23, 2011 - 16:01

      @ Crystal: Except for the NPP in Galena AK, plus 5 or 6 in Washington state, 3 in Seattle area. You're right we're "safer" but somehow I dont feel Safe. . .

  • West coast inhaler
    June 21, 2011 - 12:45

    So if Seattle and Vancouver are about 2 hours away from each other,and people in Seattle were (are) inhaling 5 to 10 lethal "hot particles"per day,why did Health Canada tell people in Vancouver everything was (is) normal? Obviously the scale of this disaster is being downplayed to the extreme by the media and Health Canada.If people knew the true extent of the radiation release and the severity of the contamination,they would panic and soon be demanding action. Health Canada believes its best to let the doomed keep believing everything's peachy. Nothing to see here...go back to sleep...

    • leona
      June 22, 2011 - 11:03

      If you can't see it or taste it, it's not there. Right? That seems to be their mantality.