Gander’s carrier pigeons

Updated on August 20, 2015 - The history of the Gander airport contains stories about pigs raised by Barrellman, later Premier, Joey Smallwood, (the hogs were...

Frank Tibbo

Seaborne dangers and delights

Updated on August 17, 2015 - Most of us would think twice (more than twice) before jumping in among 500 barrels of gasoline with a menacing fire flickering...

Neither Here Nor There

Updated on August 13, 2015 - In a drawer in my studio, I have a number of caricature posters of Pierre Elliott Trudeau that I drew in 1971.

Make up the hay

Updated on August 06, 2015 - I may as well get in on the conversation.

In Tune

Updated on August 13, 2015 - Did you ever think about what it would be like to spend a night outside —what it would be like to be homeless? 

Tracking trails of trash

Updated on August 06, 2015 - I’ve invented a new, non-linear measurement for travel: it uses a calculation of time, speed and consumption instead of something...

Soulis secret squadron

Updated on August 06, 2015 - When one sees a picture of the old Administration Building that was built when the Newfoundland Airport (Gander) was constructed,...

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