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Robert Tulk
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Man versus animal

I'm going to ask a stupid question. What happened to the mink? I know they are plentiful, but why have they become so loveable. One time they used to be killers. All you would hear was the mink did this and the mink did that. The way people were thinking, they killed all except the bear, moose and caribou.

And if they were a little bit bigger, they would have killed them too.

And I had heard about them cleaning out a trout and salmon pool. My God, those mink have a big appetite.

We have the Lynx here. They were always here. Now this animal is a predator. It preyed on rabbits, birds, and I wouldn't doubt that they killed young caribou and moose. But I never heard tell of them killing anything. Maybe it was because they were Newfies.

The fighting Newfoundlander of the animal kingdom is here to. Yep, that little midget — the weasel. This tiny little devil could tangle with a polar bear and win the fight. Like the polar bear, he is unheard of unless he came around the town and maybe raided someone chicken coop.

The most popular wild animal now is the Newfie Crackie. Now some call it a coyote, but I got my doubts. To me it doesn't look like that popular animal on the Bugs Bunny Show. Neither does it look like a mainland coyote.

Now those intelligent animals came here on a piece of ice. I'm starting to wonder. Was there a male Arctic Fox mixed up with those coyotes. Their head has that round shape like the Arctic Fox. When they got to the Rock, they must have cross bred. Lo and behold, we ended up with a top of the line product.

As soon as the news got around, the stories got around. No more did we hear about the mink did this and the mink did that. Now it was the Newfoundland Crackie who did this and that. Of course, the educated fools with no common sense call them a coyote. But like I read in the Bible, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

"How many salmon and trout pools has Man cleaned out?"

Before I go on, I have to go back to the beginning of this column. About the mink getting blamed for cleaning out a trout and salmon pool. I'm not denying this. After all, a mink is a predator, but man is a predator too. How many salmon and trout pools has Man cleaned out?

Man will talk about the mink being a destroyer of life. Yet they won't open their mouth about what their own kind do.

Man and animals are predators, but there is a big different. Animals killed their game for food. Man kills theirs to take to the dump. For the mink, coyote and other animals, hunting is survival. For man, it’s a sport.

Now Man has taken a step to protect the caribou herd from the coyote. They are going to put out snares. I know those snares are deadly because I used to be a trapper. Now there is something that puzzles me. The death sentence is banned from our country. No matter how many children a murderer kill, he can't be hung. Snaring is the same as hanging. If a coyote kill a caribou to eat, he has to feel that awful noose. To me it doesn't make sense.

Know what? Mankind never did make sense.

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