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Dear editor, It ticks me off to a great extent to hear people in our government system saying, "workers are not suppose to replace family members and friends in helping to take care of special needs individuals."

Who in this day and age can afford to give their time to family members who are in need?

This supposed abundance of help is an avoidance tactic spewed out to care givers everywhere.

The above reference puts parents on the defensive because they now have to defend friends and family; apparently every other family out there, with a special needs person, has lots of support.

The government is playing head games and using emotional blackmail; they are insinuating there is something different in this specific case.

How the government expects a person to provide support without an income is beyond me.

We have to get special permission to employ family members!

My son is nonverbal and requires constant monitoring.

In order to improve conditions for my son and myself I have to work.

How am I supposed to do that without the knowledge that my son is being taken care of?

I would like to see changes made where family members can be routinely paid to take care of their own special needs adults.

Progress would be monitored and guidelines put in place; lives would be improved and government would be saving money.

The special needs person would be in a safe, familiar environment and their futures would be secure, providing peace of mind to elder care givers.

 Evelyn Coombs

Plum Point

Geographic location: Plum Point

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