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Glovertown cranberry farm re-registered for environmental assessment

Ripe cranberries at harvest.
Ripe cranberries at harvest.

The proponent of a proposed cranberry farm in the Glovertown area has submitted a revised proposal to the province and has been registered again for environmental assessment.

Under the current proposal, Mega Healthy Cranberry Farm is planning to establish and operate an 81-hectare cranberry farm located east of Angle Brook and south of the TransCanada Highway.

The fields will be progressively developed with approximately 2.5 hectares in production within the first two years. The site will be accessed via an existing road.

Project design includes the stripping of vegetation, a sediment pond, an irrigation pond, and water control structures, as well as an on-site quarry. 

The undertaking was registered on July 7, and the deadline for public comments is Aug. 21.

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