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Gander Photography Group opens eighth annual exhibit

Published on April 27, 2017

The exhibit will run until May 31 and focuses on a wide range of art forms, such as landscape, nature, portraits and conceptual photography.

©Adam Randell/The Beacon

GANDER NL –Sitting in one of the many viewing chairs at the Arts and Culture Centre’s gallery in Gander, John Woodrow was captivated by the numerous stills in front of him.

While he doesn’t consider himself an art buff, the beauty of what the various artists have captured isn’t lost on the Gander resident.

“They certainly have a lot of talent,” he said about the contributing artists. “It’s very easy to tell they have put a lot of time into their craft.”

Photographers Scott Sheppard, of Gander, and Megan Denty, of Glovertown, were two of 14 presenters at the eighth annual photo exhibit on April 26.
Adam Randell/The Beacon

Woodrow was just one of numerous residents to take in the eighth annual Gander Photography Group photo exhibit, which opened on April 26.

This year 14 presenters showcased their work, which focused on a wide range of arts such as landscape, nature, portraits and conceptual photography.

Woodrow said the contributing artists have a unique way of capturing their surroundings.

“They see the beauty in things that we sometimes take for granted and it really comes through in their photography,” he said. “It really is a gift that only a few people have.”

Scott Sheppard has that gift.

Sheppard has been involved with photography for the past 25 years – digital for the past eight.

The Gander resident’s work leans heavy on landscape and wildlife, however, he dabbles in the numerous aspects of photography.

“I enjoy the creative process that comes with it,” he told the Beacon.

Sheppard has been involved with the Photography Group for the last six years and this his is fifth year showcasing his work.

“It’s a great exhibit, it’s a great place for people to display their work and get their name out,” he said. “Getting a chance to observe the work of my peers is certainly nice as well. It allows you to talk about their photography and pick up on different techniques.”

The eighth annual Gander Photography Group photo exhibit will be on display at the Joseph R. Smallwood Arts and Culture Centre in Gander until May 31.