Gander election has 11 running for councillor, three for mayor

Published on September 1, 2017

Gander has 14 candidates running in the upcoming municipal election, 11 for councillor and three for mayor.

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GANDER, NL – After nominations ceased on Aug. 31, Gander had 14 candidates step forward – three for mayor and 11 for councillor – in the upcoming municipal election.

Current councillors – Robert Anstey, Brian Dove, Sarah McBreairty and Gerry Parrott – will be returning to run in the for councillor election.

New candidates are:  

Gina Brown

Darren Byrne  

Oswald Fudge

Paul Hamlyn  

Tara Pollett

Stephanie Winsor  

Pat Woodford


Running for mayor is current Deputy Mayor Cyril Abbott, Percy Farwell and Frank Ireland.

Outgoing Mayor Claude Elliott is extremely pleased with the interest shown in council this year, especially given the difficulty other communities face in recruiting new municipal politicians.  

“To see so many people offering themselves here in Gander shows we have a healthy community and that people are willing give of their time and expertise to keep Gander going — it’s good to see,” he said. “There’s a lot of good people there and I’m sure Gander is going to be in fine hands.”