In the running

Published on September 8, 2017

The following are nomination results received from municipalities within the Beacon’s coverage area:


The Town of Appleton has 10 candidates stepping up to run in its municipal election. Five are incumbent councillors and five are new candidates. 


For Councillor are:

Mona Byrne 

Carol Donahue

Sheldon Gillingham 

Stephen Johnson

Melvin King 

Barry Silmarie

Dennis Simms 

Sharon Smith-Noel

Donna Stacey 

Garrett Watton




George Gordon Blackwood

Kim Blackwood  

Shawn Budgell

Dwight Day 

Dale Howell

Keith Howell 

Marlene Peddle 

Lauretta Wheaton 

Michael Wheaton



Mayor: (Acclaimed) 

Churence Rogers


For Councillor:

Ralph Ackerman 

Perry Cook

Trudy Firmage 

Samuel Gibbons

Loyd Pickett 

Jospeh Pollett

Raymond Thornton 


Dover (Acclaimed)


Tony Keats



Robery Wiseman 

Jerry Hunt

Alvinwood Johnson 

Pam Mongrain

Robert Collins 

Paul Hounsell



Three new candidates have stepped forward to offer their services to council. All seven incumbent councillors are seeking re-election. 


Heather Babstock – new

Arthur Crisby  

Chesley Crisby

William Duffitt - new 

Alan Holman

Anne Jenkins 

Mary MacNab

Kimberly Powell - new 

Shannon Powell 

Genevieve Squire 



While Gambo has an acclaimed mayor, 14 have entered the councillor race. 


Mayor: (Acclaimed)

Dennis Lush 


For Council:

Howard Blagdon 

Robin Brentnall

Douglas Brown 

Sonja Denobrega

Darren Dyke 

Woodrow Goulding

Desiree Hopkins 

Craig Lush

Minnie Osmond 

Ronald Perry

Hathan Philip  

Barbara Pritchett

Scott Prichett 

Mark Stockley



Seven councilors to represent Glenwood are in by acclimation. All seven served on the previous council. 



Jason Kinden 

Deputy Mayor:

Andrew Burt 



Glenn Gillingham 

Eugene Kinden

Tammy Kinden 

Bonnie Warren

Winston Wheaton 



Two people have stepped forward to run for mayor, and 11 candidates are in the running for councillor. 


For Mayor:

Doug Churchill 

Sue Sweeney-Janes


For Councillor:

Craig Arnold 
Glenn Burry 
Tina Burry 
Jamie Feltham 
Gordon W. Genge 
Dick Kelly 
Chantal Lynch 
Crystal Oram 
Jesse Paul 
Gerald C. Perry 
David Saunders, Sr.


Lumsden (Acclaimed)


Debbie Goodyear

Wayde Gibbons 

Denise Goodyear

Garrett Norman 

Danny Gibbons

Andy Gibbons 

John Melindy



For Mayor: 

Kenneth Hoyles

Eric Sturge 

Grant Burry


For Councillor:

Michael Tiller 

Winston Perry

Beverley March  

Lorenzo Welcher

Dawn Stagg 

Andy Best

Terry Gill 


Ward I

Kelvin MacDonald (Acclaimed) 

Ward II

James Cox (Acclaimed) 

Ward III

No nominees 


Sandrigngham (Acclimation)

Sandringham will have a returning council, as all candidates previously served. 


Glenn Arnold (Mayor)

Brenda Critchley (Deputy Mayor) 


Chris Bull

William Brown 

Malcom Critchley

Robery Payne 

Mary Squire


St. Brendan’s (Acclaimed)

The previous council will continue to represent St. Brendan’s. 



Vernonica Broomfield 


Deputy Mayor:

Kevin O’Rielly 


Margaret Hynes

John White 

John Alyward