Blown away

Terri Saunders
Published on February 5, 2013
Wind Damage
Terri Saunders/The Beacon

WICKED WINDS — A number of buildings in Gander were damaged during a windstorm Monday night, including the Joseph R. Smallwood Arts and Culture Centre, where a large portion of siding was blown off one side of the building.

During the storm, winds as high as 120 km/hr were reported, which were, according to weather officials, some of the highest recorded winds in the area in 17 years. The storm also caused damage to the Albatross Hotel on the Trans Canada Highway. Management confirmed Tuesday afternoon about one-fifth of the roof sustained damage, which was contained to one wing of the hotel. The top layer of the roof was torn from the structure, but the lower roof layer remained intact.

No damage was sustained inside the hotel, although 10 rooms on the second floor directly below the damaged portion of the roof have been temporarily closed for precautionary reasons. Management said clean-up crews were busy collecting insulation that blew away from the structure, but repairs to the roof were being hampered by continuing high winds Tuesday. An apartment building on Bennett Drive was also damaged during the storm, and there were reports of siding blowing off a number of homes and other buildings around town.