Gambo welcomes first ever Mummers’ Parade

Barbara Dean-Simmons
Published on December 15, 2015

They made a colourful and spirited bunch as they paraded along the main road through Gambo.

Mummers of all shapes and sizes, with costumes that would make any janny envious, came out for Gambo’s first ever Mummer’s parade on Sunday.

The event, which was the brainchild of recreation director Amy Tiller — inspired by her Nan, Kit Stockley — saw dancing and smiles aplenty as the mummers gathered at the Village Green and then made their way to the local senior citizens home.

There they were greeted with big smiles.

Tiller told The Beacon, “The seniors just loved it. Some of them got up to dance and others danced and sang along from where they were sitting.

“Some of them said it brought back so many warm memories.”

About 40 mummers were in the group, and among them were some “come from aways”, says Tiller.

Given the reaction to Gambo’s first Mummers parade, Tiller said they will definitely do it again next year.

“We will absolutely do it again next year; and look to holding the event closer to Christmas so those who live away are able to take part if they are here for their Christmas vacation.”

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