Pat Woodford running for council in Gander municipal election

Published on July 14, 2017

Pat Woodford is running for councillor in the upcoming municipal election. He wants Gander to plan for the future, especially when it comes to seniors, recreation and waste management.

©Josh Healey/The Beacon

Make no mistake, when Gander’s Pat Woodford decides to commit, he’s all in.

“I will be throwing my name in to run for town council,” said Woodford. “If elected, one thing I can promise to the people of Gander is that I will work very diligently on their behalf.”

And he’s got a meticulous, long-term vision for what needs to happen.

“The town council in Gander needs to look towards the future. Every vote in this election coming up is a vote for the future,” said Woodford.

In fact, Woodford has been thinking about running for a councillor position for a number of years but decided that he couldn’t do justice to the position while working full-time at NAV Canada.

This time things are different; he’s preparing to retire, freeing up the time he believes is required to serve as a councillor.

“The time to run for council is now,” said Woodford. “To occupy a position on council, it’s a full-time position.”

Speaking to the Beacon, Woodford highlighted how much Gander has evolved since he moved to the town in 1976 and what will need to be done to prepare for the town’s changing demographics.

One of Woodford’s goals is to make Gander more accessible to senior citizens, whether by more taxi-vans, improved crosswalks or a discussion on public transportation.

“There are a lot more seniors in Gander today than there were 10 or 15 years ago,” he said.

Another issue that Woodford discussed was a renewed commitment to recreation. As a volunteer for both Gander recreation hockey and the Gander Flyers senior team, Woodford said he’d like Gander to be a hotbed for tournaments and conventions of every kind.

Lastly, Woodford spoke to the need to ensure the completion of a new sewer treatment facility for town.

Woodford also had a number of other ideas but his bottom line was that Gander needs to plan for the future and he’d like to be a part of that process.

“Instead of sitting back idly and criticizing, I think it’s my civic duty to step up and see what I can do to make it a little better,” said Woodford.

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