Gander council considering speed reduction along section of Elizabeth Drive

Published on August 10, 2017

The Town of Gander is considering a proposal to reduce the speed limit along a section of Elizabeth Drive.

©Adam Randell/The Beacon

GANDER, NL – To try and make the playground and recreational area on Elizabeth Drive a little safer, council is considering cutting the speed limit in half to 20 kilometres per hour.

The proposed reduction would be implemented from Cotton Street, following Elizabeth Drive until connecting on Memorial Drive, and would only be in place from June 1 to Sept. 30, when area facility usage is at its peak.

Municipal Enforcement brought the proposal forward after noticing high volumes of traffic was speeding through the area well beyond the designated 40 kilometre per hour speed limit. It was also noted by Enforcement that there was no signage indicating the area was a recreation zone, and pedestrians aren’t utilizing the crosswalk.

There was enough interest in the proposal for council to engage the town’s engineering department to explore the options.

Councillor Rob Anstey said while nothing has been finalized, there have been steps taken to try and make drivers aware of their speed in the area, such as a radar gun sign warning of travelling speeds.

“This is an area that has a playground, splash pad, and a lot of other recreation facilities, there are a lot of children playing in that area, so why wouldn’t you reduce speed,” he said. “But there are numerous incidents where people speed through… and we don’t want anybody to get hurt.”