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Meet some people with out-of-this-world ambitions

Who wouldn’t want a career that reached for the stars? The Canadian Space agency announced a list of 72 candidates to become the country’s next space-faring specialist, and several of them call Atlantic Canada home. TC Media has an introduction to a few of them.

A profile of Canada's 72 hopeful astronauts

Howie Centre native hoping to become one of Canada’s next astronauts
“It’s the kind of thing where I’ve been interested in science and space for so long that it’s hard to remember the point at which I became interested in it,” Cordell Grant said in an interview Friday. “I have very early memories of being interested in space exploration, the space shuttle … it’s something that kept going throughout my life, I never really lost interest in science.”

William “Shane” Journeay of Liverpool could be going to space. He’s made it to the shortlist for the Canadian Space Agency’s quest for new astronauts.

Meet Liverpool's potential next man in space
“Becoming an astronaut would best combine all of my training, education and work experience to date,” says Shane Journeay.

Man with New Glasgow ties wants to go to space
“I find it captivating to imagine how many things are waiting to be discovered through the pursuit of space exploration. I want to help develop medical and mechanical technologies for exploring extreme environments and I want to contribute to our knowledge about the universe,” Kevin Spencer explained.

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