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Ramea water supply unaffected by this morning’s weather

With efforts still underway to remove salt-water contamination from Ramea’s drinking water system, the town is faring well under current wind warnings.

Officials from Fire and Emergency Services were in Ramea last month assisting the town with cleanup of the water reservoir.

“Well put it this way, so far so good,” Ramea Mayor Clyde Dominie told TC Media.

“We got it pretty breezy still . . .  but we didnt’t get the sea this time that we got the last time around, and high tide peaked this morning at roughly nine o’clock.”

With the tide receding Dominie says the town’s water supply should remain in good shape. The town council of Ramea had to declare a state of emergency last December over a lack of fresh running water after 10 million gallons of salt water ended up in the town’s reservoir, as previously reported in TC Media.

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Dominie says efforts to remove the saltwater are going well.

“We've had a lot of improvement. The last water sample reports were from Jan. 31 and it’s not right down to where we need it yet, but we are getting a fair bit of fresh water in our system now,” said Dominie. “I can’t tell when I brush my teeth or wash that there is any salt there.”

Earlier in January the province issued a tender call to hire a consultant to visit Ramea and identify the work needed to fix and protect the reservoir, as well as the cost of the work.

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