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Seniors complex struck by vandals

The Golden Legion Manor in Gander was hit by vandals recently.

TAGGED — Vandals targeted The Golden Legion Manor in Gander over the August 3 weekend. A dumpster, pavement, and a garage were all tagged with graffiti.


The culprits left graffiti on a garage, dumpster, and pavement over the Aug. 3 weekend. Water was also drained from a fishpond and vandals placed the fish in a nearby barrel.

Kurt Coles, manager of the senior’s home, said it’s not the first time vandals have targeted the property’, and this latest incident has been reported to the RCMP.

“We had 20 fish and were able to save about a dozen,” said Coles. “It’s unreal what people will do, especially to a seniors complex. We contacted the police and they came to take some pictures.”

More on this story to come at and in our Thursday print edition.


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