Flyers/CeeBees game two live updates

Matthew Molloy
Published on October 21, 2012

Third Period

•Game ends 7-4 for CeeBees

•Both teams exchange goals. Now 7-4 with 5:50 left 

•Wadden Sean Wadden scores to cut the lead to 6-3. 7 mins left

•CeeBees score again to go ahead 6-2

•Puck about to drop on the third period. CeeBees up 5-2

Second Period

•Flyers' Chad Locke scores to cut the lead to 5-2. Six mins left

•Mike Dyke scores PPG to give CeeBees commanding 5-1 lead

•Flyers and CeeBees exchangs goals, 4-1 CeeBees. Flyers pull goalie Bursey for O'Brien

•CeeBees' Greg Dalton scores SHG to give CeeBees 3-0 lead. 11:40 left

•Puck has dropped to begin second. Flyers get early powerplay

First Period

•End of first period. 2-0 CeeBees, who'll begin the second on the powerplay

•CeeBees score again. Take 2-0 lead. 7:50 left

•CeeBees score first to take 1-0 lead. 12:55 left

•The puck has dropped to begin Sunday's game