Central referee named rookie of the year

Published on August 7, 2017

Brenda Kinden receives the Central Newfoundland Association of Basketball Officials rookie of the year award from executive member Terry Burton.

©Adam Randell/The Beacon

GLENWOOD, NL – Brenda Kinden has been named rookie of the year for the Central Newfoundland Association of Basketball Officials.

The province has three basketball official associations – St. John’s, Central and Western.

The Bill Connelly Rookie of the Year Award is issued to one official, in each association. “Brenda is a very, very, deserving recipient,” said executive member Terry Burton. “She’s a great up and comer.” 

Basketball has always been a part of her life, having played in high school and later coaching. While it’s not always the most thankful job, Kinden felt that coaching seemed like a natural progression as it still allowed her to be involved with the sport.

“It’s good to work with the kids, teaching them about different aspects of the game,” she said.