5 Movies That Feature Roulette Scenes

Roulette is a thrilling casino game where you bet on one or more numbers to see if the ball will land on the roulette wheel. One popular movie made betting it all on black 22 a popular strategy. Read on to find out which one!

Binging movies featuring roulette scenes may make you want to play online roulette Canada. As you watch each of these scenes and practice roulette on free-to-play apps, you can learn more about how to play this famous casino game, especially if you are a beginner. Roulette is a randomized casino game, but the house edge is always a higher percentage (5.26%) compared to that of other casino games.

1. “Croupier”

The opening scene to “Croupier” (1998) displays a roulette spinning around and stopping in between to show a black screen that lists actors featured in the movie until the movie title is shown across the screen. Slow, light music plays in the background. Then, you see players stacking up roulette chips on the board to display their bets. The main character then goes into a monologue to begin the movie’s story.

Now that’s a great, well-thought-out opening to a movie about a casino featuring the life and daily adventures of a croupier at a casino. A croupier is a person who is responsible for overseeing how casino games are played to be sure there is no foul play while bets are placed and payouts are made to winners.

2. “Casablanca”

“Casablanca” (1942) features a business called Rick’s Cafe Americain where they had betting available on a roulette table. The main character, Rick, motioned to the croupier to have the trick wheel land on black 22 after he suggested to a Bulgarian refugee to play his last chips all on that location After realizing how he was able to win when someone told him what happened behind the bar, the Bulgarian refugee went and kissed Rick on both cheeks after informing him that he did a beautiful thing.

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This revolutionary roulette movie scene made Black 22 all-in bets popular amongst roulette players. While, of course, it does not win every time, it’s still the principle of this popular roulette play in trying to make it happen in real life in an online casino.

3. “Run Lola Run”

Rather than betting it all on black 22 like in “Casablanca”, Lola in “Run Lola Run” instead bets everything on black 20 in this 1998 movie’s roulette scene. The roulette wheel lands on 20 twice after she places two all-in-one bets. The roulette wheel lands on 20 at the second time after Lola unleashes a blood-curdling scream showing the intense hope of being able to land the bet.

4. “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”

Steve Martin’s character, Freddy in “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” (1988) rolls up in a wheelchair to the roulette table and asks a woman to pick a number for him. The bet does not go as planned and he tries to barter one of his Navy medals as a monetary source for his bet. The woman, Janet, played by Glenn Headly, becomes a supporting character further into the movie. Watch it to find out what happens!

5. “The Gambler”

“The Gambler” (2014) highlights Mark Wahlberg’s character, Jim Bennet, who borrows from a local gangster and because of his gambling habit, went as far as to offer his life in return if he could not repay him. He ends up betting all his chips on one number, but it fails. Hence, Bennett has to find another way to pay off Lee before he is murdered within the next week.

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Roulette’s popularity has meant it has been featured in many films since the 1940s. Which of these roulette movie scenes was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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