A leaked Pixel 8 Pro deal shows that Google will be offering the Pixel Watch 2 for free

According to the released promotional image, if you pre-order the Pixel 8 Pro, Google will give you a free Pixel Watch 2. Kamila Wojciechowski. Wojciechowska also published other leaks, including one Published by 91 mobiles With a promotional video confirming previously rumored details about the Watch 2.

The deal could soften the blow of a rumored price hike for the Pixel 8 Pro, which puts the new phone at a starting price of $999. The original Pixel Watch Starting at $349.99 For the non-cellular version, assuming the 8 Pro price rumor is accurate, this deal makes the Pixel 8 Pro a $650 phone. Wojciechowska Posted a screenshot By the end of the week, at least for business customers, that suggests the Pixel 8 Pro may hold the $899 price tag of the 7 Pro.

In 91 mobilesIn the article, a leaked promotional video appears to confirm some details about the new Pixel Watch 2. The watch will offer 24-hour battery life — a first-gen Google wearable — as well as stress and skin temperature detection, the video says. 91 mobiles He writes that the watch will include a previously rumored continuous electrodermal activity sensor that would allow it to do things like the Fitbit Sense 2.

Pixel Watch 2 sensor array.
Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

The watch has automatic exercise detection for seven different workouts 91 mobiles, including running and outdoor cycling — something the original Pixel Watch lacked. With Google’s October 4 launch event fast approaching, there’s little left to the imagination for these devices.

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