Cyber ​​Monday unlocked phone deals: Apple, Google, Samsung, and more

Update: November 26, 2023, 1:40 PM EST This post has been updated with the latest price and availability of unlocked phone deals.

At every holiday gathering there is always one person who needs a new phone. You know the type: their screen is a spider web of cracks, they’re always stuck in an outlet because their clunker won’t charge, or they’re always asking someone else to text group shots because they’re coming out blurry. Don’t be that person.

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You’ll have no problem finding deep Cyber ​​Monday discounts on an unlocked phone at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. (Going the unlocked route eliminates the hassle of having to trade in or coordinate a new data plan.) Read on for our list of the best deals we’ve found so far, including markdowns on the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel. The OnePlus and Motorola models we reviewed and liked:

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Note: All newly added deals are marked with ✨, while deals with 🔥 have dropped to all-time lows. deals with a strike Sold or expired at the time of writing.

iPhone deals

Note: Apple Store Gives you a free gift card Up to $75 worth when you buy an iPhone 14, 13 or SE through November 27.

Samsung Galaxy Deals

Google Pixel deals

OnePlus deals

Motorola deals

Nothing was given

Nokia deals

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