Drew Barrymore has angered the Writers Guild with plans to reboot the talk show


Drew Barrymore drew the ire of the Writers Guild of America over her decision to resume production on her talk show as more than 11,000 TV and film writers went on strike.

In a statement shared on Instagram over the weekend, Barrymore explained her stance on bringing back her show and stated why Before “I chose to walk away from MTV, the Film and Television Awards, because I was the host and the strike was in direct conflict with the studios, streamers, film and television.”

“To be clear, our talk show actually closed on April 20th, so we never had to close the show,” he wrote in his statement. “However, I choose to come back for the first time in this strike for our show, which may have my name on it, but it’s bigger than me.”

Production on most film and television projects has been halted as Writers Guild and SAG-AFTRA members remain deadlocked in contract negotiations with major studios and streamers.

The Writers Guild of America, East, announced a boycott of Barrymore’s daytime talk show in New York.

“DrewBarrymoreTV Show is the WGA-shuttered, stricken show that plans to return without its writers” reads a tweet from their Twitter account. “The picket has and will continue to strike shows in production during the Guild strike. Any writing on “The True Barrymore Show” is a violation of WGA strike rules.

Barrymore, one of the show’s executive producers, wrote in her statement that she owns the choice to return to production at a time when many talk shows are dark in solidarity with the strikes.

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“We agree not to discuss or promote offensive film and television in any way. We started head-on into a global pandemic,” he wrote. “Our show is built for emotional times and the real world only works through what’s happening in real time. I want to be there to deliver what the writers do best, whether it brings us together or helps us understand the human experience.

A spokeswoman for CBS Media Ventures, which produces the talk show, told CNN in a statement that “The True Barrymore Show will not be doing any writing work covered by the WGA strike.”

“We couldn’t have a better partner in Drew Barrymore, and we look forward to bringing our fans and station customers alike new episodes this fall,” Wendy McMahon, president and CEO of CBS News and Stations and CBS Media Ventures, told CNN. A statement.

“The True Barrymore” returns on September 18.

Other daytime talk shows airing new episodes include “The View,” “Tamron Hall” and “Live with Kelly and Mark.”

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