‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Caterina Scorsone saved her three children from a house fire

(CNN) “Grey’s Anatomy” actress Caterina Scorsone and her three children recently survived a horrific house fire.

Scarzone He posted a photo of the disaster on his Instagram account on Monday, “My house burned down a few months ago.”

“After getting my kids ready for bed and finishing bath time, smoke started seeping through the grout around the tub,” the caption read. “When I looked down the hallway, a river of thick black smoke was already forming and filling the house.”

Scorsese wrote about how quickly the incident unfolded.

“I had two minutes to get my three children out of the house and we escaped with less shoes on our feet,” she wrote. “But we got out. I’m forever grateful for that.”

Scorsone, best known for her role as Dr. Amelia Shepherd on the hit ABC drama, shares three children, Lucky, 3, Paloma, 6, and Eliza, 10, with ex-husband Rob Giles.

Sadly, Scorsen said four of their pets were killed in a house fire and she has photos of them on her post.

“We still sit with that loss, but we are lucky to have loved them,” she wrote of their beloved pets.

Scorsone’s post, he wrote, was “a love letter to incredible people and the incredible ways they did it.”

The caption read, “Thanks to the firefighters and investigators (thanks Trey!) to my neighbors who answered our frantic knocking on the door.” “Thank you to the parents at my kids school who sent toys and books, to my friends at @greysabc and @shondaland who sent clothes and supplies, to my sisters who flew in logistics so I could be with my kids. Thank you to my team for making everything easy.”

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