House Republican Hunter Biden wanted to testify when Democrats presented: 'I would have raised my hand'

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) said during Wednesday's hearing that he would have asked to hear Hunter Biden speak if he had been in the room when Democrats made the offer.

President Biden's son made a surprise appearance at the House Oversight and Accountability Committee's markup on Wednesday, prompting backlash from Republicans.

At one point, Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-Fla.) asked Biden for a vote “right now.” Only the Democrats raised their hands.

Asked on Fox News why Republicans had not raised their hands, Biggs, a member of two committees that met simultaneously yesterday, including the Oversight Committee, said he would have done so if he had.

“I was probably in the other group when it happened,” Biggs said. “I would have raised my hand.”

He added, “I seriously want to hear from Hunter. I think all my peers do that.

Biggs accused Democrats of wanting to “distract” from issues surrounding the president's son.

“They don't really want to talk about Hunter Biden […] They wanted to distract from it, talking about everything,” he said.

Hunter Biden last month appeared before a committee set up to approve a contempt of Congress resolution for defying a subpoena. The younger Biden has become a target of House Republicans, who accuse him of “influencing” his father when he was vice president.

Both the House Oversight and Judiciary committees voted Wednesday to move a congressional contempt resolution against Hunter Biden.

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