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James O’Keefe, the political activist who founded the right-wing action group Project Veritas, has been ousted from his leadership position by the organization’s board, he said Monday.

“I think it’s fitting that we’re here on Presidents Day,” O’Keefe remarked during an emotional 45-minute opening. Farewell speech He presented to the Project Veritas staff. His comments, though filmed, were meant only for them. “I’m going to do my best to speak from the heart.”

“Currently, I am not employed by Project Veritas,” O’Keefe announced. “I have no standing here based on what the board has done — so I’m announcing to you that today, on President’s Day, I’m packing my personal belongings here.”

O’Keefe’s departure comes less than two weeks after a memo outlining his patterns of unprofessional workplace conduct was signed by 16 employees at the nonprofit, or about a third of Project Veritas’ employees. The document accused O’Keefe of subjecting subordinates to “public crucifixions” and polygraph tests. A staff member described how O’Keefe molested jurors while appearing in court because he was “hungry” and then took a sandwich from the eight-months-pregnant woman. Among other concerns O’Keefe spent on a musical entertainment. After reading the complaint, the Project Veritas board placed O’Keefe on paid leave and began an internal review.

Since its inception in 2010, Project Veritas has sought to infiltrate and expose mainstream media and progressive organizations — with undercover video operations — to decidedly mixed effect. An investigative team The Washington Post Success a Pulitzer Prize In 2018, for a series that included a report on how the group failed to defraud Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore by publishing false information. More recently, the focus has been on Project Veritas attempts To demonstrate that Pfizer is “mutating” the Covid-19 virus.

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The organization is controversial Spy methods There is no shortage of legal problems. In August, two Floridians pleaded guilty to giving Project Veritas the stolen diaries of President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley in exchange for $20,000 each, ahead of the 2020 election. The transaction led to the FBI raiding the homes of employees, including O’Keefe, in 2021. One of the two accused has indicated cooperation. Further investigationsThis could lead to charges against Project Veritas.

In his speech, O’Keefe revealed ongoing tension between himself and the board over issues including fundraising best practices. Instead, they rehired the two executives he fired and then fired him.

“So, our work continues,” O’Keefe said. “I’m not done. The mission will probably get a new name and may not be called Project Veritas.

Mainstream conservatives expressed their displeasure over the split. On Truth Social, Fox News host Dan Bongino Published “There would be no Project Veritas without James O’Keefe,” says activist and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. Tweeted, “James O’Keefe exits Project Veritas. We must stand with James! Responses to Project Veritas’ Twitter account have been inundated with support for O’Keefe.


O’Keefe has yet to comment on social media about his departure from the group. Neither he nor several other Project Veritas employees returned requests for comment.

This is a growing story.

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