Joe Biden falls at US Air Force Academy graduation ceremony

Airmen helped him back, and he did not appear to need help.


President Joe Biden stumbled from his first appearance on Thursday after jumping over a barrier on stage at the Air Force Academy in Colorado, but he appeared uninjured — and joked about it afterward.

Biden, 80, who was delivering the commencement address to graduates of the military academy, shook hands with a cadet and began walking back to his seat when he fell.

Airmen helped him back, and he did not appear to need help.

When he got up, Biden showed the object stuck to his leg. There was a small black sandbag on the stage.

White House communications director Ben LaBolt tweeted, “He’s fine. There was a sandbag on the stage when he was shaking hands.”

Returning to the White House on Air Force One and Marine One, Biden had another misfortune: He hit his head while exiting the helicopter’s door.

He showed no signs of injury as he walked across the South Lawn and joked to reporters, “I got sandbagged.”

Biden is the oldest president and is running for a second term in 2024. His official doctor’s report declared him fit this year and he continues to exercise.

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In November 2020, shortly after winning the election against incumbent Donald Trump, Biden broke his leg while playing with a pet dog.

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