Kate Middleton: Blake Lively and Owen Jones are celebs apologizing for conspiracy jokes

Celebrities and public figures online “Where's Kate?” They shared their regrets for participating in the program. Speculation follows Princess of Wales' cancer diagnosis.

In an emotional video released Friday, Kate Middleton revealed that she underwent chemotherapy after undergoing major abdominal surgery in January that led to a cancer diagnosis.

You can keep up to date with updates on Princess Kate here.

Kate Middleton is suffering from cancer

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While the princess has stayed out of the public eye during her recovery, many have shared their thoughts and conspiracies about the reasons behind her low profile.

Following an update on Kate's health, some notable figures have acknowledged their role in the commentary surrounding her and issued public apologies.

Actor Blake Lively was among the first to express regret, referring to a now-deleted post in which Kate made fun of posting an edited picture of her family for Mother's Day.

Posting on Friday's Instagram story, The Gossip girl The star wrote: “I'm sure no one cares today, but I feel like I have to admit this.

Blake Lively says she's 'frustrated' after mocking Kate's 'disappearance' in a social media post.

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“I made a funny post around the 'Photoshop fails' craze, and oh, man, that post offended me today. I'm sorry.”

Journalist and political activist Owen Jones expressed regret for including a commentary on the location of the gate.

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After realizing a photo of Kate and her three children had been manipulated and recalled by photo agencies, Jones remarked in “Kill Notice”: “I'm already freaking out about it!!”

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In another post, Jones shared her doubts about a photo of Kate and Prince William in a car together. She wrote: “You've got to be kidding me. This is not a public appearance. Soo Soo! Everyone on Kate Middleton Truder Express!”

Journalist and activist Owen Jones has expressed regret at speculation about Kate's absence from public life.


However, the journalist has now said she is “ashamed” of the speculation and wishes Kate well.

“I'm quite embarrassed to be honest as someone who speculated about this without considering it a serious medical condition, and I wish her all the best,” Jones wrote in a post on X/Twitter.

Elsewhere, pressure is mounting for apologies from other public figures who have shared their views and speculations about Kate's whereabouts.

On social media, fans are asking broadcaster John Oliver to take back the joke he made during his appearance Check out what's going on with Andy Cohen.

“She died 18 months ago,” Oliver teased earlier this month. “They're Bernie's weekend” could be in this scenario. I'm not saying it happened, but I'm saying zero until it's proven. Until I saw her sitting with a copy of the day's paper.”

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Kate Middleton told the world about her cancer diagnosis

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Piers Morgan has hit out at Oliver for his words, and has deemed anyone who supports Kate's request for privacy, but has previously speculated about her whereabouts, “shameless hypocrites”.

Some social media users turned to Kim Kardashian for acknowledging the news of Kate's cancer diagnosis when she previously captioned a photo next to a car with the caption, “On my way to find Kate.”

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