London mayoral election: Sadiq Khan wins historic third term

  • By Thomas Mackintosh
  • BBC News

video title, WATCH: Sadiq Khan ‘honor of my life’ as London mayor for third term

Labour’s Sadiq Khan has won his third consecutive term as Mayor of London.

Mr Khan, who was first elected in May 2016, defeated his Conservative rival Susan Hall by 276,000 votes – representing 3.2% for Labour.

He won nine of 14 constituencies, including two for the Tories.

More than 2.4 million votes were cast, representing 42.8% of the vote – a slight decrease compared to the 2021 mayoral election.

Speaking after his victory was announced at City Hall in east London, Mr Khan said it was “the pride of my life to serve the city I love”.

“I am beyond humbled right now,” he added. “It’s been a tough few months.

“We’ve faced relentless negative propaganda. I’m proud to have responded with facts to the fear mongering.

“Being re-elected for a third term is truly an honor and an accolade of success. It’s not about making history today, it’s about shaping our future.”

image caption, Sadiq Khan thanked the other candidates at City Hall and Londoners for voting for him

Mr Khan used his victory speech to urge Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to call for a general election.

“London has been swimming against the tide of a Tory government for the past eight years, now with a Labor party poised to rule again under Keir Starmer.

“It’s time for Rishi Sunak to give the public a choice – a general election will not pave the way for a new direction for our country, but it will take the bold step Londoners want to see a reality.”

His main rival, Ms Hall, congratulated Mr Khan on his victory and said it was an “honour and a privilege” to be elected mayor.

“I will continue to hold Sadiq accountable to hardworking families, motorists and women,” he said. “I urge Sadiq to change London for the better for all of us.”

Counting began at 09:00 BST on Saturday and all candidates arrived at City Hall for the official announcement at 17:00.

Mr Khan won constituencies including Lambeth & Southwark, Barnet & Camden, City of London & East, Merton & Wandsworth, Greenwich & Lewisham, Enfield & Haringey and North East – all of which he won in the last contest in 2021.

He won West Central from the Conservatives, a 5.2% swing from the Tories to Labour, and the South West from the Tories with a 2.7% swing.

Ms Hall ran the outer London boroughs of Havering & Redbridge, Croydon & Sutton, Bexley & Bromley, Ealing & Hillington and Brent & Harrow.

Overall, Mr Khan polled just under 1,088,225 votes, defeating Ms Hall, who polled 811,518.

The Liberal Democrats pipped the Green Party to third place, while reformist UK candidate Howard Cox finished fifth with 3.2% of the overall vote.

Lib Dem candidate Rob Blackie said: “We’ve increased our vote in London and everywhere else [are pleased] I’ve come third for the first time in a long time.”

Green London councilor Caroline Russell described mayoral candidate Zoë Garbett as “a breakout” during the campaign and “someone who brought sunshine”.

image caption, Tory candidate Susan Hall received 811,000 votes, accounting for 32.7% of the overall vote.

Speaking at City Hall ahead of the official results, Len Duvall, leader of the London Assembly’s Labor group, effectively called the election result for Mr Khan.

He believed Liberal Democrat and Green voters had “loaned” Mr Khan their support in the mayoral polls, while the Reform UK gained votes from the Conservatives.

The former Conservative minister for London criticized Ms Hall and said the Tories ran an “incredibly lackluster campaign”.

Paul Scully, who lost his bid as the Conservative mayoral candidate, told the BBC the Tories had “gifted” Mr Khan a third term.

Counting for London Constituency Members and London Assembly Members across London is ongoing.

The results of the London Assembly elections saw Labor win 10 seats, the Conservatives three and the Liberal Democrats one in all 14 constituencies.

The vote broke down for Labor with 983,216 votes (39.70%) with the Conservatives 673,036 (27.18%).

The Greens came third with 319,859 (12.92%), ahead of the Lib Dems on 274,049 (11.07%) – and Reform UK on 183,358 (7.40%).

Finally, the London-wide top-up list, which decided the other 11 legislators, on Saturday night elected the following:

  • Cian Perry, Greens
  • Susan Hall, conservative
  • Alex Wilson, Reform UK
  • Carolyn Russell, Greens
  • Lord Sean Bailey, Conservatives
  • Emma Best, The Conservatives
  • Hina Pokhari, Liberal Democrats
  • Zach Polanski, Green Party
  • Andrew Boff, The Conservatives
  • Ellie Baker, Laborer
  • Alessandro Giorgio, Conservatives
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