Meghan Markle & Prince Harry are all smiles amid an uncertain Hollywood future

Meghan & Harry

Rose tinted glasses on SP…

All smiles amidst the cheers

Meghan Markle And Prince HarryHollywood’s future is in jeopardy right now — but you can’t tell by the way they’re carrying themselves… Go happy.

The former royal couple were all smiles Friday as they left an office building in Santa Barbara — holding hands on their way out and oozing positivity … at least Meg was, anyway. Harold was still a little stoic…head down.

It’s okay … because they get into a waiting SUV, very clearly followed by a guy — who’s supposed to be a bodyguard of some sort –. As for their outfits…perfect for a sunny SB day, with shades to boot.

The message they seem to be telegraphing here is… there is nothing wrong here, we are fine!

Of course, all reports about them recently have been nothing. We know, they are Got the boot On Spotify … and were Named “Grifters”. By one of the company’s top dogs.

Not only that, there are The hustle and bustle of Netflix Not happy with them … and allegedly giving them an ultimatum demanding high-quality content and pronto. Combine that with Megan’s latest No contract at Dior …and there seems to be turmoil.

It is interesting that their behavior here is very positive. You could argue that this is more in line with the recent story being told about their supposed mindset – ie, they’re burying their heads in the sand. pointing finger Elsewhere for their woes.

There’s a new documentary about Africa that Harry is working on at Netflix, and Meg is busy cooking something. Based on their vibe here, they’re probably confident those plans will work and get back into Tinseltown’s good graces.

There’s no time like the present in that regard — their “bombshell” Netflix doc came and went last year, and many feel they need to sell a new angle … STAT.

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