‘Mr. ‘Big Stuff’ singer Gene Knight has reportedly died aged 80

Jean Knight

‘Mr. ‘Big Stuff’ singer dies aged 80

… according to reports

Jean Knight — his winning ‘Mr. Big Stuff’ — is dead … this is according to reports.

An unspecified Press release An obituary for the soul singer and New Orleans native is making the rounds online — and if it’s to be believed … it says JK passed away last Wednesday, though the circumstances surrounding his death are unclear at this time.

Knight’s 1971 song is his biggest claim to fame, but it’s also a major contribution to music and pop culture. ‘Mr. Big Stuff’ not only performed incredibly well on the charts upon its release — including spending five weeks at #1 on the Billboard Soul Singles Chart and peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 — it also featured. Many movies and TV shows.

‘MBS’… ‘Family Guy,’ ‘black-ish,’ ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Everwood’ and ‘The Deuce’ — just to name a few. On the movie front, it’s Will Ferrell’s ‘semi-pro.’ Beyond that… the track has been remixed/sampled a ton over the years.

Some of the notable acts that have graced this gem are…Heavy D & The Boys, Eazy-E, TLC, Queen Latifah, Everclear, Girl Talk, Beastie Boys and John Legend. ‘Mr. Big Stuff’ has been covered a few times … famously by Precious Metal, Lynn Collins et al.

Gene has recorded many songs in his career… but none have achieved the success of ‘Big Stuff’. Some of his notable singles are… “My Toot Toot,” “You Think You’re Hot Stuff,” “Carry On,” “Helping Man,” “Do Me,” “Jesse Joe (You Got To Go)” … Even more.

She is 80 years old.

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