Neil Nanda, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Comedy, died at the age of 32


Neil Nanda — “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” A budding comedian who appeared in – died. He is 32 years old.

“I am [am] I was very shocked and saddened by this. He's a great comic, but also a great person,” said Greg Weiss, Nanda's manager Report by deadline. “He had the world before him.”

The cause of death was not immediately known.

Weiss also noted that January and February are fully booked with appearances.

Nanda — who appeared on Comedy Central's “Adam Devine's House Party” — hosted Weekly program “Needless Evil” at the Westside Comedy Theater in Los Angeles.

Nanda first appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” In 2017. Jimmy Kimmel Live/ABC

Following his death, many mourned the comedian on social media, including Matt Rife and Dace Cook.

“You're one of the best, hardest working comedians I've ever called a friend, I hope you can rest in peace bro” Rife wrote in X (formerly known as Twitter).

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“I don't know Neil Nanda personally” Cook noted in X“But reading so many tributes is heartbreaking and eye-opening.”

No cause of death has been released. Neil Nanda/Instagram

Comedy clubs also joined in the actor's mourning.

Representatives of The Port Comedy Club in Baltimore said, “It is with a very heavy heart that we say goodbye to comedy great, Neil Nanda. posted on Instagram on Saturday. “Totally shocked by this news. Such a positive force for humor and a great loss to our society. Rest in Peace Neil.”

“Thank you for gracing our stage and piano, a great headline, gone too soon,” the venue added.

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said Nanda, the son of Indian immigrant parents VC Correspondent in an interview in 2018 He became interested in comedy in middle school while watching Comedy Central and writing down his favorite jokes.

Nanda first became interested in comedy when he was in middle school. Nilananda/Instagram

“I didn't realize I was stealing jokes until I was in high school,” Nanda recounted. “When I was in high school, I started writing my own jokes using the framework of some jokes I had stolen earlier.

“I filled a notebook of jokes and didn't realize until college that I could go to an open mic and tell them. I actually had a friend read the notebook and say to me, 'You can go do these, right?' I don't know, but after a quick google search I came across smiling skull open mic.

He first appeared on Jimmy Kimmel in 2017 and said his “proudest achievement in comedy so far… Jimmy Kimmel was the first place I ever performed where my parents were fans of the host.”

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