New York is holding a special election to replace George Santos

9:28 am ET, February 14, 2024

Excerpts from New York's special election

From CNN's Gregory Creek

Susie gave her victory speech during an election dinner in Woodbury, New York on February 13.

Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

While Democrats celebrate and Republicans dust themselves off, here are a few Key takeaways:

Immigration is a big issue – but is it a game changer? Mazi Pilip and his fellow Republicans attacked Democrat Tom Suozzi over the migrant crisis in New York City, saying that he, along with Biden, caused it — which did little to resonate with voters who ultimately recognized Suozzi as a moderate or centrist.

Suozzi and state Democratic leaders opposed Philip's immigration message and never felt it was an issue, usually winning for the GOP, pushing Suozzi back.

Redemption for top New York Democrats: Suozzi's victory is a major coup for the New York Democratic Party and its leaders, who have been under fire from within for the poor performance of its candidates in the 2022 midterm elections.

Suosi's success also provides Biden And national Democrats with narrative realignment — good news when worries about the president's meager poll numbers and serious concerns about his age fuel concerns about a rematch with a former president. Donald Trump. The district broke cleanly for Biden in 2020, but Democrats on Long Island have been losing since then — until Tuesday.

Weather is important: Heavy snowfall in triangle area Mars made the journey difficult. A good thing for Democrats is that, unlike many Republicans who support Trump, they are embracing the idea of ​​early voting.

Democrats (still) have an Israel problem: Suosi was interrupted by protesters who accused her of aiding Israel's “genocide” in Gaza. The interruptions were a message to Democrats, particularly Biden, from a once-and-now-future Congress from a large Jewish district.

Do not take too much: Democrats would be wise to remember that Suozzi is a unique candidate with deep ties throughout Nassau County, where most voters live. Philip, on the other hand, is an unknown cousin and an outgoing relative.

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