NFL playoff picture 2023: Updated AFC and NFC standings, winning projections for Week 16

The 49ers, Ravens, Eagles and Cowboys have clinched playoff spots, and there are 10 playoff spots available. Here’s what the NFC and AFC playoff pictures look like in Week 16:

NFC playoff picture

Section Leaders

1. 49ers (11-3): Won the NFC West.

2. Cowboys (10-4): Both the Lions and Eagles own tiebreakers, clinching playoff spots.

3. Lions (10-4): A huge lead in the NFC North.

4. Buccaneers (7-7): Own the head-to-head tiebreaker against the Saints for the NFC South.

Wild cards

5. Eagles (10-4): Grabbed a playoff opportunity.

6. Vikings (7-7): Own the conference record tiebreaker over the Rams and Saints.

7. Rams (7-7): Own the conference record tiebreaker over the Saints and the division record tiebreaker over the Seahawks.

Looking out

8. Seahawks (7-7): Own the conference record tiebreaker over the Saints.

9. Saints (7-7): Still in contention after beating Giants.

10. Hawks (6-8): The loss to the hapless leopards is painful.

11. Packers (6-8): As they moved back into the playoff picture, the Packers lost games against the Giants and Bucks.

12. Giants (5-9): Controversy after losing to Saints.

13. Bears (5-9): A heartbreaking loss to the Browns ends any thoughts of a playoff run.

14. Generals (4-10): mathematically eliminated.

15. Cardinals (3-11): mathematically eliminated.

16. Leopards (2-12): A win over the Falcons means the Bears won’t be guaranteed the first overall pick.

AFC playoff picture

Section Leaders

1. Ravens (11-3): Grabbed a playoff opportunity.

2. Dolphins (10-4): The AFC East could come down to the last game of the season with the Bills.

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3. Chiefs (9-5): A commanding lead in the AFC West.

4. Jaguars (8-6): Own the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Colts and Texans in the AFC South.

Wild cards

5. Browns (9-5): Joe Flacco can lead them to the playoffs.

6. Bengal (8-6): Win a head-to-head tiebreaker over the Colts and Bills.

7. Colts (8-6): Win the conference record tiebreaker over the Bills and the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Texans.

Looking out

8. Texans (8-6): Win the conference record tiebreaker over the Bills.

9. Bills (8-6): They’re one of the seven best teams in the conference, but that doesn’t guarantee they’ll make the playoffs.

10. Steelers (7-7): A loss to the Colts sent the Steelers into the playoffs.

11. Broncos (7-7): The loss to the Lions dashed their playoff hopes.

12. Raiders (6-8): Antonio Pearce had his team ready to play Thursday night.

13. Chargers (5-9): A season that started with playoff hopes has turned into a disaster.

14. Titans (5-9): mathematically eliminated.

15. Jets (5-9): mathematically eliminated.

16. The Patriarchs (3-11): mathematically eliminated.

Week 15 Cleaning Scenes

The 49ers have clinched the NFC West, along with the Ravens, Cowboys and Eagles for a playoff spot.

The 49ers will clinch the NFC No. 1 seed and home field advantage if they win this week and the Lions, Cowboys and Eagles all lose.

The Lions will clinch the NFC North with a win or tie against the Vikings on Sunday. If they lose to the Vikings, the Rams or Seahawks lose, the Lions will clinch a playoff spot.

A Ravens win and a Browns loss would clinch the AFC North.

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A win for the Chiefs will clinch the AFC West.

A win would clinch a playoff spot for the Dolphins. A Dolphins win and Bills loss will clinch the AFC East.

If the Browns win, the other four AFC wild card contenders will clinch a playoff spot if they lose.

The NFL’s full, official playoff lineups will be released this week.

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