North Carolina Governor Says 12-Week Abortion Ban Will Have Huge Impact

Cooper has vowed to veto the bill, but Republican lawmakers hold large majorities in both the General Assembly and state Senate and could override the veto.

“They passed a bill in 48 hours with no public input and no amendments that drastically curtails women’s access to reproductive freedom,” said Cooper of the Republican lawmakers.

North Carolina’s laws, at least until now, have been an aberration in the South, where the strictest abortion laws since 1973 have been enacted in the past year. Roe v. Wade This ruling was overturned by the US Supreme Court. “The unborn will be recognized Birth is a fundamental right, and mothers deserve our unconditional support. It’s time to catch up with the science of affirming parenthood before birth,” said Sarah Stevens, a Republican member of the General Assembly of the new law.

Cooper characterized the move as harmful to women’s health.

“North Carolina has become an access point in the Southeast,” he told Brennan. “What this legislation is going to do is prevent many women from having an abortion at any point in their pregnancy because of the restrictions they put in here. Many of these clinics work so hard to treat women, and now they are going to have so many new unmet medical needs that I think many of them will have to close.

Cooper said he hoped at least one Republican would decide not to override his veto.

“We only need one Republican to keep a promise,” Cooper said. “At least four Republican legislators made promises during this campaign that they would protect women’s reproductive freedoms. They have a one-vote majority in the Senate and a one-vote majority in the House. And we’ve seen Republicans across the country. We’ve seen them advance in South Carolina, we’ve seen them advance in Nebraska. , because they know people don’t want abortion bans.

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