Parents of Michigan school shooter sentenced: Live updates

12:01 pm ET, April 9, 2024

Hannah St. Juliana's father says Crumbles “chooses to blame everyone but himself.”

From CNN's Nikki Brown

Steve St. Juliana, father of Hana St. Juliana, speaks during a victim impact statement in court Tuesday.


James and Jennifer Crumble continue to deflect blame, the father of the 2021 Oxford High School shooting victim said at the Crumbles' sentencing Tuesday.

“The defendants, by their choices, by their carelessness and gross negligence, assisted their son in the murder of my daughter, Hana, and three other children,” Hana St. Juliana's father, Steve St. Juliana, said in a victim impact statement Tuesday.

“They chose to remain silent. They chose to ignore the warning signs. Now, as we've heard through all the objections, they continue to choose to blame everyone but themselves,” he said.

Steve St Juliana said his daughter's death had “destroyed a huge part of my soul”.

“I will never look back on her high school and college graduation. I will never walk her down the aisle as she begins her journey to start her own family,” he added.

St. Juliana said her stance on Crumbles' sentence evolved throughout the trial as the defendants' “transgressions” escalated. “Hannah, Madisyn, Tate and Justin are the losers — not the defendants,” he said before asking the parents to seek the maximum sentence.

Buck Myer, father of victim Tate Myer, followed Steve St. Juliana to express his impact. He was the last one to give an impact statement.

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