Raindrops tonight, then very cold on Halloween

It was 80 for the sixth straight day domestically, which is largely unheard of this late in the year. A strong cold front put an end to the heat. By Tuesday, we’re talking temperatures 10 or more degrees above average, which will be a bit of a shock. While the trick-or-treat forecast isn’t great here, it could be worse. The chances of any rain affecting Tuesday evening have decreased significantly as we get closer. Now the main issue is cold air.

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All through tonight: A few showers or steady light showers will move east this evening. It will become windy inland by midnight, and windy in southern Maryland a little later. Aggregates are on the light side, maybe a tenth of an inch or so. Lows will be in the upper 30s in generally colder areas north and west of the city to the mid 40s.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday): The rubber band has snapped for Tuesday when it comes to temperatures. Under partly cloudy skies – cloudy during the day – it’s more than 30 degrees cooler than today when you add wind. Highs will mainly be in the 50s to mid 50s. Fortunately, the wind is not too strong, mainly around 10 mph, with double gusts. We’ll have 40s at most places for trick-or-treating.

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Cold ahead: A cold front in the Lower 48 has nearly completed its trek. This will give us below average days in late October and early November. Most areas are set to see their first frost of the season, probably excluding urban centers. A few record lows are also playing out across the wider region Thursday morning.

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