Russia-Ukraine War Latest Updates: Biden in Poland to Meet NATO Secretary

President Biden is scheduled to meet with Eastern NATO leaders on Wednesday, concerned about Moscow’s aggression, a day after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced he was suspending the last nuclear deal with the United States. Speeches.

As the war in Ukraine nears its one-year mark, China’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, meets with Putin in Russia. Early Wednesday morning, Wang met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who said that “relations between Russia and China are developing dynamically despite the turmoil.” “Moscow and Beijing are ready to protect each other’s interests,” Lavrov said.

Here’s the latest news on the war and its impact around the world.

A year in the trenches toughened Ukraine’s president: Zelensky came to office thinking he could make peace with Putin, but a year ago this week, he was found hiding in a safe room in Kiev — the start of a series of experiences that turned him into the world-renowned, tough guy he is. Wartime President, Paul Sohn and David L. Stern Report.

“Of course, we have all changed, including the president,” said Andriy Yermak, head of the Ukrainian presidential office. “The tests that mark his tenure – they can’t change a person. Has he hardened? Of course, he has. Has he gotten stronger? In my view, he’s always been stronger.

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