Russian fighters claim control of key village near Pakmut: Live updates

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Ukraine’s prime minister told the International Atomic Energy Agency that Russia’s state-run nuclear agency, the UN. The nuclear watchdog has urged experts to manage Ukraine’s nuclear power plants to provide stability in the face of Russian attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure.

The official, Denys Shmyhal’s call, aimed to increase pressure on Russia, which has seized control of Ukraine’s Zaporizhia nuclear complex, briefly hit Ukraine’s three other nuclear facilities. Unplug their reactors in November.

Russia’s invasion and its months-long campaign of strikes on energy infrastructure have made Ukraine vulnerable. Critical focus A challenge for the International Atomic Energy Agency and its director Rafael Mariano Croci, who arrived in the country this week.

“We continue to push for restrictions on Russia’s rights and privileges at the IAEA and to stop cooperation with Russia in the nuclear sector,” Mr. Schmihal said Wednesday. His comments were carried by Ukraine’s Pravda news website.

The United States, European countries and other countries have imposed economic sanctions on Russia, but none directly on its state nuclear company Rosatom.

The agency’s experts will monitor the plants for physical integrity, safety and security, and check workers’ conditions, Mr. Croce said. He described the visit of experts as “essential” to inform the international community of any potential problems.

In Ukraine, the country that suffered the world’s worst nuclear accident in Chernobyl in 1986, the focus is now on the Zaporizhzhya complex. Russian troops captured it early in the invasion, effectively replacing it War zone.

Russia has stationed troops at the complex, and Ukrainian officials have accused it of using the base. Cities around Shell. Each side blamed the other for shelling that damaged the complex’s infrastructure, including power lines and a storage area for spent nuclear fuel.

All six reactors at the Zaporizhzhia complex have been cycled as a precaution, and IAEA inspectors have been monitoring safety and security there since September. This week Mr. Croci’s task was to recruit station inspectors at other mills and press for the establishment of one Safety and security zone Around the Zaporizhia complex.

Since seizing the plant, Russian forces have detained and interrogated its Ukrainian operators and tried to force them to sign contracts with Rosatom.

The head of Ukraine’s nuclear power company, Energotum, said in comments carried by Interfax Ukraine on Tuesday. News website About 650 of the 3,000 people currently working at the plant have signed the contract.

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