Stephen Dix traded to Houston Texans: Fantasy football impact

During his introductory press conference with the Bears, Keenan Allen let it slip that the Houston Texans were one of the teams closest to acquiring his services when the Chargers shopped him. The Texans are interested in adding a wide receiver, but that's not all Any A hot body to fill out the depth chart; They were looking for a high-profile, proven veteran needle trio in that position.

They now found a match with former Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs and were able to complete the deal with a 2025 second-round pick.

Texans trade 2025 Stefon Diggs, 2024 sixth-round pick and 2025 fifth-round pick

Stefon Diggs and the Bills have enjoyed a remarkable journey together. His arrival coincided with a pivotal period in which Josh Allen emerged as one of the NFL's most formidable quarterbacks. The synergy of the dynamic duo is undeniable. Dix has been a top number for years. Allen helped make everyone aware that he was operating at 1 wideout level. However, over the past few months, it has become clear that this successful partnership is coming to an end for one reason or another.

Buffalo has a pair of quality wide receivers at the top of the depth chart in Curtis Samuel and Khalil Shakir and a first-round 1 tight end pick from last year in Dalton Kincaid. They aren't completely bereft of options around Allen, but if it isn't already, a wide receiver is at the top of the organization's needs when April's NFL draft looms.

With a deep class of X-receivers, they could stand late in the first round and find their next WR1. On the other hand, even if this is nothing more than fan fiction, don't rule out an aggressive move up the draft board to secure Allen's next target hog.

The Bills' offense will likely miss Diggs unless the team makes a ready difference in the draft — not unheard of this year. But nobody cares about Allen's production or output. He is a proven player and can make it work with the room as it is currently built, and a new player is added to the mix.

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Texans side of this trade So far Very interesting and offers a very challenging paper scheme. The addition of Diggs should give Houston one of the best wide receiver rooms in the NFL. It also gives us a little target pressure.

Who has the best fantasy outlook among Houston's receiver trio?

Tank Dell and Nico Collins were a standout duo last season. A similar goal share average across games And produces the same amount in two different roles.

Dell was an instant hit as a freshman because he could break through man coverage and succeed on tough downfield routes.

However, we have to remember that he will be coming off a serious late season injury. You know that must be on the Texans' minds as they look for high-end receiver help this offseason. When healthy, Dell gives the Texans inside/outside flexibility and can carry big aDOT, even if his goal totals are modest.

In my opinion, Collins is on the path to superstardom as an X-receiver. He had a breakout statistical season last year, but don't be fooled: his film has been excellent over the first two seasons of his career, and The welcome perception showed him shining in solitude Before CJ Strode came along. Collins plays a key role in this offense. He and Stroud enjoyed an instant rapport that was to continue to blossom.

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Now, enter Diggs, who may be a slightly less deep-game player, but still a fantastic splitter and quality receiver. He won't project the same 161-target season-long average he maintained in Buffalo as a member of Houston's receiver room, but he won't come close in ADP in fantasy football. Diggs will give Stroud a clear layup target and allow all of these receivers to move around and operate in different roles. His addition is a clear net positive for the performance outlook of the entire Houston offense.

From Diggs' personal perspective, one of the biggest variables in his plans is that if the trade goes through, he'll almost certainly experience a quarterback demotion wherever he goes. The Texans are one of the few teams where you could reasonably argue there is no dropoff.

At this point, I'm not saying CJ Strode is a better quarterback than Josh Allen. However, every bit of evidence from his rookie season had him capable of joining the elite ranks. The highly accurate Strut threatened every grass in the field in year 1. He ranked 12th in EPA among quarterbacks per drop last season while running a big-boy NFL offense as a rookie. The sky is the limit for this player.

The Texans are officially a fantasy “correct answer.”

Every season there are at least one or two offenses that provide multiple correct answers in fantasy football. Target-tree discussions seem irrelevant and a type of unit that produces many “ADP winners”. For a team to run an offense like this, they must have a high-quality first or secondary quarterback, a sharp offensive play-caller, an offensive line and a good overall ecosystem with several dangerous receiving threats. All the data we have for Houston includes each of those variables. You don't even have to close your eyes to see it.

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Was excited about the Texans before this Stefon Diggs trade. Now, the chances of them becoming the right answer crime seem impossibly high. When the ADP dust settles in the summer, I'll be very interested in several Houston Texans passing-game players.

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