The latest on DeAndre Hopkins

Most veteran receivers are now off the free agent market, the rule DeAndre Hopkins One of the main storylines in the stand. The Cardinals star has often been mentioned in trade rumors this offseason, and he provided the latest update on his situation today.

During an appearance A podcast that covers all things, Hopkins was asked about specific landing spots in a potential trade. Told to only respond with body language, the 30-year-old responded positively to the suggestion of joining the Chiefs and Bills, while the opposite was true for the Jets and Patriots (VIDEO connection)

Although there is certainly a limit to how much one can read into his answers, Hopkins’ answers are a little surprising. Both Kansas City and Buffalo have reportedly expressed interest in acquiring the five-time Pro Bowler. The Super Bowl champions went without a WR unit Dyrek Hill In 2022, they succeeded in doing so, but they lost Juju Smith-Schuster And Cole Hartman In free enterprise. Meanwhile, the Bills need a compliment Stephen DixOne that could come in the draft, but will be accomplished through the acquisition of Hopkins.

New England, meanwhile, was named the team most unlikely to win a trade for the three-time All-Pro. Presence of offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien — the Texans’ head coach and de facto general manager when Hopkins was traded to Arizona in 2020 — will no doubt create an awkward situation for the Patriots. New England signed Smith-Schuster, but could add an impact pass catcher, whether a veteran or a rookie.

The Jets have been busy remaking their WR corps in anticipation of acquisitions Aaron Rodgers. That process was Hartmann’s signatures and Alan Lazardas well as a pursuit Odell Beckham Jr With the latter joining the Ravens (in a deal worth more than the Jets or any other team offered), speculation linking Hopkins to them could intensify. As ESPN’s Rich Cimini points outHowever, a Hopkins deal is unlikely at this point.

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Finance is at the center of trade talks between the Cardinals and interested teams. Hopkins has hit big in each of the final two years of his current deal, which could affect the trade returns Arizona is willing to eat into some of his compensation. According to Hopkins, the adjusted contract will not require a raise from his currently projected compensation to come with a new team (Twitter connection)

That’s consistent with previous reporting on the matter, and surprising given Hopkins’ recent decision to hire an agent amid his desire to rework his contract. It will be interesting to see if his apparent interest in joining the AFC heavyweights pays off, especially after the draft.

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