Trump is holding his first major campaign event in the Lehigh Valley

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A bellwether area for the Lehigh Valley presidential race. In 2020, it helped seal Biden's victory, but this year Republicans want to give Trump Trump's precious 19 electoral votes in Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, Donald Trump kicked off his first major campaign event in Schnecksville, a rural town about 10 miles from the state's third-largest city, Allentown.

“When you get up there and look at Schnecksville, it's a rural part of the state,” Allentown Mayor Matthew Turk told WHYY News. “Allentown is a very dense urban area. The things we work on in Allentown are very different from Schnecksville. So here in Allentown, you wouldn't know that he was in the area or that he was going to be in the area.

Cedar Crest College student Neftali Charles was surprised to learn the former president was in the area.

“What is he doing here?” she asked.

Charles plans to vote for Biden in November, but said it will be a vote against Trump. He said Biden's age is about him but there are more important things to consider.

“I believe that women have abortion rights, physical and sometimes abortion is good for their health, their physical and mental health,” she said. “So, I'll vote for it.”

Retired Diane plans to vote for Biden to prevent Trump from occupying the White House.

“It would be bad for democracy if he gets back in,” he told Why News. “That's my opinion. There's a lot more I could say, but to be good, I'll say we're going to elect people who aren't really going to destroy our democracy.

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