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A mysterious monolith appears in the Nevada desert

image source, Las Vegas Police

image caption, The monolith was discovered by authorities near Cass Peak, a hiking area north of Las Vegas.

  • author, Nadine Yusif
  • stock, BBC News

A mysterious monolith appeared in the Nevada desert over the weekend, sparking speculation as to what it could be and who might be behind it.

The Las Vegas Police Department spotted the system during a search and rescue operation north of the Las Vegas Valley.

“We see a lot of different things … but look at this!” Police posted on social media.

Monolith is similar to similar puzzles that appeared around the world in 2020.

The tall, rectangular, reflective structure was spotted near Goss Peak, a hiking area in the Nevada desert about an hour north of Las Vegas.

In pictures released by the police on social media, the monolith appears to be located in a somewhat rugged terrain.

“How did it get there??” That’s what the Las Vegas Police Department asked on social media.

The monolith bears some resemblance to images from the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film A Space Odyssey, 2001.

Imposing black monoliths created by unseen aliens appear in the classic film based on the writings of novelist Arthur C Clarke.

Monoliths like the one in Nevada appeared in different places around the world four years ago, including one in the Utah desert.

In November 2020, after a helicopter pilot spotted a helicopter flying overhead, it confused local authorities.

Speculation was generated as to who might be behind them, with some wondering if they were part of an art installation. But no one came forward to claim that they were behind the buildings.

Another monolith recently appeared on a mountaintop in Wales in March. Visitors said the sculpture looked perfect, but had no clue as to who might have put it there.

While the mystery behind the monoliths remains, Las Vegas officials used their latest discovery to remind hikers in the Nevada desert to be prepared for hot weather and stay safe.

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