Ford’s Platinum Black F-150 Lightning is the choice for Batman

Ford’s Platinum Black F-150 Lightning is the choice for Batman

Ford is making a special new Factory Matte Black Platinum Black version of its all-electric F-150 Lightning truck. Revealed today, this Lightning looks like Batman’s tumbler Batmobile Dark Guardian Some gloss finish remains on the trim, door handles, roof and elsewhere. Ford spokeswoman Susanna Evans said on the edge Under the factory hood, the vehicle is finished in Ford’s gloss agate black paint.

Ford will only make 2,000 of these killer pickups, and they’ll start at $97,995, which is about $6,000 more than the regular Platinum trim and the same as before Ford cut the price of the truck in July.

Today’s announcement says Ford is “on track to triple F-150 Lightning production in the fall” as production ramps up toward building 150,000 electric trucks each year, midway through the second year of production. At the same time, as we reported in June, the limited availability of its cheaper entry-model “Pro” Lightning has put off some buyers — so focusing on a limited-release model makes more sense for Ford now. There is hope in how many trucks can be built.

Compared to the standard F-150 lightning, this light bar is smokey, and this Ford Blue Oval logo lacks blue.

Deliveries are expected in early 2024, and starting today, anyone who wants to be notified when pre-orders start can sign up. If you can get one, it’s an aluminum plate franked with limited-edition production numbers printed on the driver’s door jamb.

These include subtle additions such as a smoked finish on the front light bar and a black (and not blue) Ford oval underneath. It doesn’t have the monster truck FORD influence that fans of Ford’s F-150 Raptor love, but the Platinum Black still looks like a real tough boy ride. Those die-hards are pretty handy too, as the 9.6kW Pro Power option now ships with the ability to power equipment when the truck is turned off.

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Like the standard Platinum trim, it comes with a 300-mile extended battery standard and Platinum-exclusive “Nirvana” contoured leather seats with a 10-way power driver’s seat — but, of course, it’s in a luxurious black finish. In a limited edition model. It gets a blacked-out version of the 22-inch wheels and black “lightning” graphics on the standard-this-model dual glass roof. Platinum Black also includes standard power-deploying running boards with a gloss black finish, reflective black lightning badges and a soft-shell black tonneau cover to hide a patchcycle.

Numbered limited edition badge within F-150 Lightning Platinum black fringe.


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