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Game-Changing Suite Shakes Up the Music World

In the dynamic world of music, access to precise and comprehensive information is not just beneficial but essential. Historically, only the elite in the industry had the luxury of accessing high-caliber data, but the landscape is changing rapidly. A pioneering music data company, Viberate, is leading this transformation. They offer an affordable solution for all industry professionals, with a comprehensive professional suite priced at just $19.90 a month.

The significance of having high-quality data in the music business cannot be overstated. It empowers professionals to make more informed decisions quickly. Whether it’s discovering new talent, monitoring artists, compiling reports, or analyzing the impact of music releases and tours, data is crucial. Major record labels have long capitalized on this advantage. However, the prohibitive costs have kept many from leveraging this powerful tool. Viberate is altering this narrative by democratizing access to advanced music stats, making them accessible to every professional in the industry. They assert their commitment to revolutionizing the music business through data, stating, “We’re making cutting-edge music insights accessible to every music industry professional.”

Viberate has recently made their professional music analytics suite even more accessible by reducing its price from $129 to an affordable $19.90 per month. This suite includes a range of features such as charts with A&R filters and comprehensive Spotify stats, alongside analytics for TikTok and other significant channels.

Comprehensive Coverage Across Music and Social Channels

Viberate operates on a comprehensive model, stating: “Our platform captures and evaluates the whole scope of the music industry ecosystem – from artists and tracks to festivals, playlists, and labels – all within a single space.” By converting streaming and social data into actionable insights, they assist professionals in discovering talent, tracking artists, planning promotional campaigns, and creating business reports more efficiently. They monitor over a million artists and analyze their stats for Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, Shazam, SoundCloud, and more. Additionally, they cover social media channels like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as radio airplay. Their Spotify stats are particularly popular among users.

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In-Depth Spotify Stats for Every Artist

For those seeking detailed Spotify stats, Viberate delivers. The platform offers tracking of Spotify monthly listeners, followers, and streams, providing both historical and real-time data. It features top songs and allows for the analysis of an artist’s entire Spotify discography. Furthermore, the platform tracks every playlist feature of an artist, enabling users to monitor changes in playlisting and reach over time and identify the most impactful songs and playlists.

Extensive Playlist Analysis on Spotify

Viberate’s playlist analyzer extends beyond mere artist playlist analytics. It includes a chart of over 12 million Spotify playlists, ranked by popularity. Users can sort these by follower count, recent growth, and the number of tracks featured. This makes it easy to identify playlists that align with an artist’s genre and could potentially enhance their listener base. The tool also allows for filtering by playlist type, such as user-generated or editorial, making it invaluable for promoting music releases.

Tailored for Diverse Industry Roles emphasizes customization, ensuring that their insights are not only intelligent but also aesthetically pleasing. They recognize that different industry roles, such as A&Rs, label managers, and agents, utilize data in unique ways. Therefore, their platform is highly customizable to cater to various use cases. Beyond their subscription plan, Viberate offers bespoke services like custom dashboards, database matching, and API access.

In summary, Viberate is reshaping the landscape of the music industry by making high-quality music insights, particularly detailed stats for Spotify, accessible and affordable for all industry professionals. Their comprehensive suite of tools and customizable features make them a go-to resource for anyone looking to leverage data for success in the ever-evolving world of music.

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