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In-N-Out Burger bans masks for employees in 5 states


In-N-Out Burger bans employees in five states from wearing masks to “encourage clear and effective communication” and “bring out the smiles of our associates.” memo leaked online.

The West Coast chain, known for its streamlined menu of burgers and fries and retro decor, extended the rule to stores and support facilities in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Texas and Utah until an employee produced a doctor’s note. Violators face disciplinary action “up to and including suspension,” according to the policy, which takes effect next month.

A Separate note The chain advised employees in Oregon and California that only store-issued N95 masks would be allowed on the job.

“We believe this policy will help promote clear and effective communication with our customers and our partners,” the memo said.

In-N-Out Burger did not respond to an inquiry through its media relations website. A customer service representative confirmed the details of the two notes.

Covid is far from over, but even the most cautious Americans are making progress

This is the latest incident to spark an In-N-Out controversy over coronavirus precautions. During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the chain’s sole San Francisco location was temporarily closed after allowing inside food without proof of vaccination, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

In nearby Contra Costa County, it closed five locations for noncompliance with the county’s vaccination mandate, citing Executive Vice President Arnie Wensinger as calling the vaccination policy “unfair, invasive and unsafe.”

The company’s new mask policy comes nearly three months after the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. announced the result Corona virus infection in USA. The virus has killed more than 1.1 million Americans since spring 2020. The number of deaths and hospitalizations fell significantly: there were 6,228 hospitalizations in the week ending July 19, compared to more than 150,000 in January 2022.

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On Wall Street, the pandemic is over, at least according to bosses

However, people with compromised immune systems are uniquely vulnerable to the virus, and some still choose to wear masks or take other precautions to protect themselves or their families.

A The petition, which states that In-N-Out’s guidelines “endanger the lives of employees and discriminate against disabled and immunocompromised individuals,” has attracted 1,520 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon.

In its memo announcing the new guidelines, In-N-Out said it emphasized the importance of customer service while balancing health, safety and quality concerns.

“Our goal is to continue to provide safe and customer-focused store and support environments that balance the two things In-N-Out is known for – exceptional customer service and unmatched standards for health, safety and quality.

The company stressed that it will continue to review its rules in light of existing guidelines, and that the guidelines are subject to local regulations.

The guidelines for California and Oregon already account for state requirements there. A in California Law It stipulates that if workers want to wear masks, employers must allow them.

The new policies will be effective from August 14.


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