Jason Momoa Joins Zach Braff for 'Flashdance' in TMobile Super Bowl Ad

Jason Momoa thinks the Super Bowl could do wonders for his comedy career.

The actor is best known for his turns in action-heavy projects like “Aquaman,” “Dune” and “Game of Thrones,” but is shaking it all up in a new T-Mobile Super Bowl ad. He can be seen dancing to Irene Cara's “Flashdance…What a Feeling” with actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison, who have been part of the company's Super Bowl efforts for the past few years. Momoa dives into the water, hits some high notes in the song, does a flip and meets “Flashdance” co-star Jennifer Beals.

“People see a different side of me,” Momoa says Variety In an interview, he noted that he was primarily “known as a theater actor” because of the roles he won early in his career. But in the commercials he's done for Rocket Mortgage and others, he plays things up for laughs, he says: “People reach out and ask me to do some funny stuff.”

Faison and Braff have seen many interesting Super Bowl scenes over the years. In 2023, they were joined by John Travolta, who helped sing a parody of the popular song “Summer Nights” from the 1978 film treatment of “Grease.” In 2022, they reunited on the popular sitcom “Scrubs” by teaming up for a spoof version of “I Feel Pretty” from “West Side Story.” Braff says the ads are driving people to come to him about T-Mobile's various consumer plans and ask for the nitty-gritty details.

Creating and furnishing a familiar theme can help a Super Bowl ad stand out. Because the audience knows little about what to expect and already has some knowledge of the business, CareerBuilder has for years run ads featuring chimpanzees as office workers, which resonated with audiences.

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But, no one can rest on their laurels. “It has to be bigger and better,” says Braff.

Both actors say they really enjoyed working with Travolta, but Momoa brought a new energy to the project. “He was so fun, so high-energy, and in a goofy mood like we've always been. I think it really shows,” Faison says. “It's like a rock song in a lot of ways when he's jumping on the board.”

Planning for the shoot began last fall when Braff and Faison hung out with Panay Films' creative chief Brian Kluckman, who helped develop T-Mobile's recent Super Bowl efforts. Braff says he and Kluckman have mapped out a new scenario if the company invites them to return to the Big Game — never a guarantee.

“If you're not a Clydesdale, it's not going to happen,” says Braff of getting three different Super Bowl opportunities.

The trio used a smartphone to record an early draft of the idea, and created some behind-the-scenes ideas to go along with it. When T-Mobile executives saw the concept, Braff says, “They didn't have a clue. They didn't change anything.

Advertising eventually gets a boost when the peels change. Faison has known her for years after working with her on Showtime's “The L Word,” and says her knowledge of “Flashdance's” tone is essential. Besides, she adds, everyone got a kick out of “watching Momoa ask her for tips.”

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