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Meghan and Harry’s coronation chaos leaves organizers ‘exasperated’

UPDATE, 4/12/23, 10:20AM ET: Hours after this article was published, the Palace released a statement on Harry’s decision. “Buckingham Palace can confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation at Westminster Abbey on 6 May. The Duchess of Sussex will be in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

With four weeks to go until his father’s coronation, Prince Harry has yet to publicly confirm whether he will attend, leaving organizers of the marquee event “annoyed” and frustrated, according to a new report.

As reported by The Daily Beast, a source in their camp said that palace insiders strongly doubt Harry and Meghan will make it that day. Daily Mirror Despite an April 3 cut-off date for RSVPs, “no decision” has been made by the couple.

The pair were reported last week to be in the process of making a decision, but have yet to be confirmed despite being said to be in “email correspondence” with the palace. Glass He says.

A proof said Glass: “They (Harry and Meghan) haven’t confirmed anything yet. Of course they will be given extra time, but honestly, everyone is pissed off with them.

Palace sources said Glass They will continue to make plans on the assumption that the Sussexes will attend “unless otherwise instructed”.

A source said Glass: “It’s absolutely insane, frankly a complete mess. There is a plan, which is supposed to be a blueprint of how the day should work, but things keep changing on a daily basis, which causes a huge headache.

Meanwhile Robert Jobson has written a new book on Charles our kingtold TalkTV: “They were given an RSVP and they missed that deadline. It’s a little rough right now. You’re either going to support your dad at his fateful moment or you’re not. But don’t let everybody guess, because that creates a whole tabloid speculation, that it’s basically about them. Says, and obviously it’s not about them, it really isn’t.

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Amid suspicions that the palace shortened the coronation procession route to avoid a thin crowd, evidence is mounting that enthusiasm for the coronation has not ignited the British public. The route will be 1.3 miles, a quarter of the distance covered by Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

One sign of trouble to come may be an essay by author Alison Pearson, who usually writes in Strict Faith. Daily Telegraph: “As a monarchist, I want to be very excited about the coronation, but it’s proving a struggle… You wonder if the palace is worried about the low turnout. Of course, many Elizabethans I know, who always stand on the Mall with Union flags for big events, our As the new king estranged from his mother, they are experiencing the first wave of anti-royalism sentiment.Be a symbol of unity and stability for 70 years.

A recent YouGov poll The anti-monarchy pressure group found that as the coronation date of the republican King Charles approaches, only 15 per cent of participants said they were “very interested” in the coronation.

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