New strikes in Gaza as Israel-Hamas fighting resumes: Live updates


1:59 PM ET, December 2, 2023

Harris says Israel must do more to protect civilians: “Too many innocent Palestinians have been killed”

From CNN’s Sam Fossum

On Saturday, December 2, an Israeli Air Force helicopter flying over the Gaza border near southern Israel fired a missile.

(Jack Guess/AFP/Getty Images)

While the US supports Israel’s “legitimate military objectives” in Gaza, the People are suffering in Kudimaramattu area US Vice President Kamala Harris said on Saturday that it is too high.

Harris, who met with several key leaders in the region during the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, said he had an in-depth discussion with them on Saturday about what the United States expects of post-conflict planning.

“When Israel defends itself, how matters. The United States remains unequivocal: international humanitarian law must be respected. Many innocent Palestinians have been killed. “Obviously, the level of civilian suffering and the images and videos coming out of Gaza are devastating,” Harris told a news conference during the COP28 climate summit in Dubai. “It’s truly heartbreaking.”

“As Israel pursues its military objectives in Gaza, we believe Israel must do more to protect innocent civilians,” he added.

Palestinians mourn their relatives killed in an Israeli bombardment of Gaza at a hospital in Khan Yunis on Saturday, December 2.

(Fatima Shabir/AP)

A post-war vision for Gaza: Harris, who met with several key leaders in the region in Dubai, said he had an in-depth discussion with them on Saturday about what the United States would expect of post-conflict planning.

Harris told reporters that he and U.S. President Joe Biden are already discussing with their national security team and partners in the region what the future trajectory of Gaza and the West Bank might look like.

Currently there are five principles that guide their approach: No forced relocation He said that of the Palestinian people, there is no reoccupation of Gaza, no siege or siege, no reduction of territory, and no use of Gaza as a base for terrorism.

“I have had many in-depth conversations with Arab leaders here in Dubai. “In particular, I proposed three areas of focus,” Harris said, first rebuilding critical infrastructure in Gaza, then strengthening the Palestinian Authority’s security services, and lastly, revitalizing the PA’s governance structure.

“When this conflict ends, Gaza will no longer be controlled by Hamas and Israel will be secure. Palestinians will have a hopeful political horizon, economic opportunity and freedom, and the region will be more broadly integrated and prosperous. We must work toward that vision,” he said.

Remember: The Palestinian Authority A government body with limited autonomy in the West Bank. It was established in the 1993 Oslo Accords, a peace accord between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization that saw the PLO renounce armed resistance against Israel in exchange for promises of an independent Palestinian state.

Hamas controls Gaza and expresses itself Alternative to PA Recognizes Israel and has engaged in several failed peace efforts with it.

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