Puppy thrown from pickup survives high-speed Los Angeles police chase | Los Angeles

Puppy thrown from pickup survives high-speed Los Angeles police chase |  Los Angeles

A puppy thrown from a moving pickup truck in Los Angeles “miraculously” survived a high-speed police chase. According to Officers.

In a statement released Saturday, the Los Angeles Police Department announced that on April 7, around 12:10 p.m. on the city’s southeast side, officers began a car chase in pursuit of a suspect wanted in connection with an attempted murder. Murder and carjacking on March 26.

The suspect was driving a Chevy Avalanche with local news station KTTV reported. The pursuit led through several cities across Los Angeles County, including Inglewood and Westchester, where a puppy was placed in a brown Michael Kors designer bag and then “thrown from the suspect’s moving vehicle,” police said.

The puppy, an eight-week-old brown mixed breed with one blue eye and one brown eye, “miraculously…emerged unharmed and was rescued by responding…officers,” the police department said.

The puppy is currently at the South Los Angeles Animal Services shelter. The agency is holding the dog pending an investigation into whether the animal was “abandoned” during the chase, and is not available for adoption, at least not yet, police added in a statement.

The pursuit eventually ended around 2pm when the driver and passenger jumped out of the car on a residential street. The suspect tried to run into a house, but then surrendered to officers who followed relatively quickly, police said.

Authorities arrested three people in the case: 27-year-old Gustavo Alvarez and Lynette Moreno, and 25-year-old Michelle Zamudio.

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Alvarez is being held without bail on charges of attempted murder and carjacking. Moreno was arrested for allegedly setting up a second getaway vehicle and booked as an accessory to a felony and escape. His bail was set at $67,5000.

Zamudio, who is said to be the driver of the second getaway vehicle, was booked for escape and his bail was set at $75,000.

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